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  1. When I started working here in 96 there was no 90 day reporting. Then around 98-99 immigration raised the issue and teachers visited immigration with their HR officers, but even after that it was not enforced until around 04 (from memory) and since then it's just got stricter. There's lots that IOs like about people having to report and not enforcing the requirement may prove unpopular with them.
  2. What about vaccinations for social security members? This would include WP holders.
  3. Also look at what are offered for different levels. The main differences are 4 or 2 door/spacecab, engine size, auto or manual and 2wd or 4wd. The other features add a lot to the cost and can be bought cheaply aftermarket. I wanted decent power and 4 door - but the difference between 2 door and 4 door with 3L engine was around B350k. So I went with a basic 2 door version, then got free leather seats. I will get an aftermarket touch screen with android, Bluetooth for around 5k, parking sensor for around 3k and swap the stock wheels for 18".
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