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  1. I hate tossers like this.ex legal chief,pattaya's top lawyer now forced to bringing false defamation cases to make a few bucks.i bet he is one nasty,dirty backstabbing immoral turd that's ripped off many clients.
  2. They way around this problem is to stuff your pockets full of cash before jumping in the water and they will soon be looking for your body.
  3. It'll never trickle down to the customer with unscrupulous importers raking in the benefits of the bahts strength.what goes up in Thailand stays up and will only go even higher.never ever have I seen anything drop in price here.thai logic is if they've paid for it once at that ridiculous price they will pay that or more forever.
  4. She is just your normal Thai but letting her thoughts be aired a bit more open than others.
  5. They uk and many others will not extradite a person to a country that may sentence them to the death penalty.its all covered by international human rights.they they will if given assurance that the person will not receive the death penalty or executed but otherwise they won't extradite.as for Interpol they are in a grey area and will only assist the the law in that country.many countries have different rules so we could argue the toss all day long.
  6. They can expect exports to drop even more with the rise of the bahtcoin.if it carries on like this I'll be able to sell my property half price and go back to the uk evens.
  7. In the vid it looked a bit of a rush so at a guess they were dry.
  8. We have it up here around the parks with the lakes,1,000s of them but in general Thai are born on scooters and not even bicycles.
  9. Yes but if the country has the death penalty and there's always the chance then as I said most countries won't extradite and I think Interpol will not get involved either.
  10. I think I read in Vietnam the police confiscate the bike if no helmet. if they done it in Thailand it'll work in no time as Thais don't like to walk as it hurts as my mrs says.
  11. Next time I get stopped for no helmet and they go to fine me I'll plead ignorance and ask for a new helmet. how about fining them and taking their bikes until they come back with a new helmet and receipt.all this has shown is breaking the law does pay.
  12. Not many countries will extradite to another country that carries the death sentence.
  13. Pathetic photo op.i suppose the thumbs up has made this problem go away.the boy looks petrified and a cheap plastic toy doesn't help one bit in his recovery from his ordeal.the father should of told them to stay out of the room and kept the media circus out. theres only one real way to treat this problem and that is a cull of all stray dogs.i just don't get it where Thais kill absolutely anything but dangerous dogs that are running around free to attack people. shame on Thailand once again.
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