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  1. The report says it was about 1pm so they were probably on their lunch break.
  2. Being optimistic goes against the grain here in Thailand.i would love to think half of these creatures made it to maturity but.....
  3. Soon to be renamed tempura turtles,som tam turtles .sorry but i have no hope for them in the sea of Thailand.
  4. You can get a work permit here and earn 25,000b a month and that's ok.you can be married with children and live here for 40,000b or you can retire and be single on 65,000b a month.all of this makes no sense and is just taking the piss.as usual Thai logic gets things back to front.
  5. This is the end result and payback of years of police corruption.if it was stamped on in the first place it wouldn't be half as bad as it is now.as for making it legal,that's just giving in and would amplify the problem by making it cheaper.weve got loads of the junkies in and around my village and I can tell you they are completely messed up as humans and just a waste of good oxygen and space.they can't work and are totally disfunctional and dangerous people.meth is the worst of the worst drugs and to anyone who says legalise it need to have a gang of them live in the houses both sides of their houses for a week or two if they last that long.i say build some super prisons solely for drug users and dealers and give them treatment with monthly testing when released.its now blown back in the authorities face and has become a plague as it's not been policed properly from the start.
  6. What ain't substandard in Thailand???? You really have to be on your lookout here.from electrical items,food the list is endless.even the electricity supply is known as dirty electric that damages everything unless it's protected with a ups surge protector.....the whole country is loaded with substandard goods unless its imported and taxed the nuts out of.
  7. Ok maybe only 98.9% and I don't mean just foreigners,they do it to each other just as much.
  8. They forgot to mention that its one of the most dangerous places to live.not a day goes by without reading of foreign deaths or losing all their assets to some conniving woman.thailand isn't cheap if you try to live by western standards but is if you can live like a Thai in a dusty village and love rice like myself.
  9. I would say 0.1% of foreigners would steal while in Thailand but 99.9% of Thais would steal,lie,cheat,scam,rob anyone while on holiday.its seems to be in their blood and a natural thing to do and a way of life.
  10. Sod it I'll give you 20% because winston my partner wants to throw the saddle on her.
  11. <deleted>,I'll take 4 million for my house ive paid 8 million to build.
  12. Who's guessing???? There's many possibilities.muppet.you ain't going to last long with your <deleted> attitude,trust me.
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