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  1. And tomorrow's new is.....immigration says we have spoken to all involved and it was agreed it was a misunderstanding. This country is one big joke.
  2. Sorry but we don't want Thailand to fail. thailand export going down,Thai tourism going down,baht going super star.unemployment and house debt super star. cannot sell house for many years but in last 5 years I sell 2 house each under 30 minutes and make such good money I retire here in Thailand.if have skill in the uk you can find very good paid job in 1 day everything imported cost 3-10 times original price.. lets not forget the curse of corruption throughout Thailand and you don't even have a proper government,schools or healthcare. im sorry to tell you the truth Thailands future is not looking good. oh I must stop now,we get electric come back for maybe an hour if lucky can take shower.chock Dee krup.
  3. My friend went into udon immo yesterday.hes a retired US major.asked him for bank proof of pension which he easily covered but they said he must get a letter from his US bank to say where the money comes from.then said where's his medical health insurance as he's on a non AO.he pulled out his Medicare and his army health insurance and got the knock back on both of them too. so the latest I can report is you need health insurance today.
  4. The figures show it,anyone with a bit of sense knows it.thai air are going down the pan.theyve just this week abandoned half a dozen routes.thai air have had it too good too long.its a cut throats business out there and they are incompetent at running a business. If one men like Richard Branson can do it why can't a country do it.
  5. It's quite simple really.what entitles countries like China and Thailand to ramp up massive import taxes on other countries goods when them same countries have small import taxes on Chinese,Thai goods.whats good for the goose is good for the gander.just one example is the US has lost jobs and the manufacture of Harley Davidson motorcycles to Thailand because they have taxed them to high heaven so the only way around it is to move Harley Davidson here.the very same that happened to ducati. this is why trump has created a trade war with China. if the spineles EU done the same maybe Europe would have lower unemployment and a much more Rosie future.
  6. Ok let's reword it.i as a farang bought land through my wife.i gave her the money and she paid for it.as I've pointed out in later replies.im married so legally entitled to half of it.also I have a lifetime usufruct which I have full rights to use and profit from the property as I have 4 rentals and the money goes in my pocket. as it stands I have more rights on the property here than I would with a wife in my homeland.my name is on the deeds and I have the right to kick her out but she can't kick me out. when we went to view the property I said I'm going to buy this one.she didn't say to me she was going to buy it.so I hope that's cleared the matter up.
  7. Well I've bought land/property here and under Thai law I'm legally entitled to half of it just like the same in most countries as I am married. i also have a usufruct lifetime lease and can throw my wife out and she can't do nothing about it.my name is on the chanote papers. so you can buy land as I said in my first comment but I didn't mention anything about ownership of the land. It's a pity that it's said you can't own land by many people but they just repeat hearsay and wouldn't have a clue about protecting their investment in a legal way.
  8. I would of thought an elite visa is about as strong as any other visa. the only difference is when they throw you out of the country they laugh at you for paying a silly amount of cash for nothing more than a Thai promise and we know about that one
  9. If true it's great news that needs to be relayed to mr trump and he will hopefully whack some duty on Thai exports to the US.hes built a financial wall on the Chinese and their dirty business games,now Thailand are helping the Chinese dig tunnels under it. come on trump,they are trying to outsmart you by exporting through the back door.show Thailand you mean business.
  10. Oh really.you can buy as much land as you want in Thailand.owning it is another story.its too easy to hit the old keyboard before reading the reply.i said farang buying land and nothing about ownership.typical Sunday morning keyboard warrior.
  11. A few expats around my area who have bought land have all had to pay off the debt on the land to get the papers back.
  12. It all comes down to letting the monkey grind the organ.total incompetence.lets face it they couldn't run a pee up in a brewery without shooting and swindling each other.
  13. I don't know what all the fuss is about,it happens everyday in the western world.its about time ol boris boy put a hit out on merkel,Junkers,the frog and that ginger midget from Scotland.
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