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  1. I don't know how much better off they are in more important ways,,,, But they do have a submarine soon..... LOL ....
  2. WHY call ALL the Airlines when travel agents like Expedia and travelocity, among many, will give you prices for all airlines in one search...... That is why.... THEN without calling 10 airlines you can call the one airline you found that fits your need, then have the airline to deal with rather than a 'Third Party' Agent...
  3. I read somewhere in the past that there is a MAJOR DIFFERENCE between Pitbulls (and 4 or 5 other breeds) and that difference was that when those breeds bite something they 'lock' their jaws, whereas other breeds bite and release. Those few breeds are 'known killers'.... Edit to add: 1 article about pitbull bites: https://pitbullholocaust.wordpress.com/pit-bulls-and-their-different-jaws-pit-bulls-do-have-locking-jaws-pit-bull-owner-myth-exposed/
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