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  1. There is more chance of the Second Coming than Thais not gambling its in their Genes
  2. I am surprised that people are surprised by this news Not shocked as was expecting it to happen
  3. Where do they get these Pie in the sky ideas Everything evolves round how much money we can get out of foreigners who may want to reside retire ect here in Thailand Its a Non starter
  4. Age is not something I thought about until I read this article After reading the article went back to my I dont worry about age still out walking reasonably fit enjoying life
  5. I think we should wait and see how many tourists will come to Phuket in July and from which countries Then gauge if the sandbox idea is a success
  6. They keep pulling the numbers out of the air Where are these Tourists coming from name some countries
  7. The Pattata of old plenty of bars restaurants as we are now witnessing will disappear go out of business ect ect The ones surviving will be the popular big ones who no doubt with lack of competition will increase prices to less custom being available the foreign tourist Its going to take a couple of years for tourists to start flowing back into Thailand wont be any cheap airfares either Plus hotels will be wanting to recoup their losses so prices up as well
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