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  1. shackleton

    Air pollution alert for Friday

    the main problem is the number of cars bikes and other forms of transport on the roads in Bangkok they need to start introducing no go areas and fine people using polluting dirty exhausts ect like other Capital cities but here its a pipe dream will never happen
  2. shackleton

    90 day reporting

    A small price to live the Dream
  3. Well I have now found the 90 day reporting via mail very easy here in Bangkok but if they can get remove it even better when this guy started a lot of Negative reporting by members on here calling him a big Joke maybe changing their minds now
  4. plenty more people where he is at not just in Thailand its a world obesity crisis
  5. Mays my way or the Highway has come back to haunt her its been a complete Dogs breakfast from the start 2 years and we are no way forward the last thing thing we need is Corbyn and Labour trying to get back in which wont happen ( I have been known to be wrong ) I think people here on Thai Visa will be more concerned about the pound interesting times coming up
  6. come on the Sun and Media in the UK why have we not read or heard anything on this its your meal ticket
  7. shackleton

    Smog to exact heavy price

    I remember in the early 80s the traffic in Athens Greece was horrendous they eventually introduced alternate days for using cars ect in the city I think it was based on your number plate registration the system worked cutting back the number clogging up the roads and pollution
  8. shackleton

    Toxic smog settles in for long haul

    the Health Ministry says its bad and could last until March but he knows better peoples health does not matter
  9. reminds me if its to good to be true it usually is
  10. Nobody is forcing Retirees to live in Thailand you make your own choice whether it be Spain or where ever as the saying goes you make your bed and lie in it
  11. 10000 baht to 20000 baht fine and deported
  12. shackleton

    Police search for man who licked doorbell for three hours in California

    what a knob