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  1. Well the news that Private and International Hospitals would supply the vaccine at a cost is not a surprise as most people were expecting this and are probably more than willing to pay There is no way the Thai Government are going to let expats ect have it free so its a personal matter of choice
  2. Agreed the villages around Thailand will be celebrating Songkran The kids local people showing respect to their elders Then we come to Pattaya and Khaosan Road where tourists Usually drinking and spraying everyone in sight As there are No tourists in Thailand hopefully it will be a low key event This year
  3. Bottom line no Normal tourist will come as long as there are Quarantine restrictions in place How long would a normal tourist stay say 28 days Half spent in Quarantine not going to happen plus the cost as well
  4. Never had a problem with my 3 monthly appointments at Samitivej hospital over 10 years now First class service
  5. School kids riding a motor cycle with three or more on it is normal in Thailand With out helmets and no doubt with out a driving Licence as well Nothing will change as already mentioned its their culture
  6. Pity I was hoping they would do the same as last year Break up the Songkran days into more long weekends And no water getting splashed over people Mind you if they restrict it to areas like Khaosam Road in Bangkok Can go with that
  7. Still smile on the story of the 2 Brits did 15 days Quarantine Came out and asked why is Pattaya on lock down Hope they enjoyed their holiday
  8. Will wait until the Thai government have the vaccine roll out going full swing Then see what the choices are for us Farangs Whats available Where to get is there a cost ect
  9. Well thats all about people wanting to retire here in Thailand for the future Quite a few here on Thai visa reading this have probably retired So have factored in their living expenses and are enjoying their retirement
  10. We are going round in circles here Need the Thai population to have all received the Vaccine or the majority Then the Quarantine lifted Then think about tourists coming in to Thailand safely with the vaccine Certificates
  11. Why dont the traffic police do their job of enforcing the rules Heavier fines for minor offences and banned with licenses taken away for serious offences Its not that difficult but suspect nothing will change the numbers of injuries and deaths will continue
  12. Looks like people involved in the Tourist industry are more important than the Sick old Thai people who need the vaccine first Going to be interesting to see who gets priority I think I know where the priority will be ?
  13. I think at the end of the day with all or most of the Thai population Getting the vaccine. Us foreigners expats ect won't have much choice get the vaccine or could be problems with getting visas ect
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