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  1. Have to agree he has to go No good telling others to follow the rules then break them yourself Waiting to see if the NHS doctor does what he says and resigns Expecting a lot of people to now flaunt the rules saying if it's good for him then the same for me
  2. The Government will be thinking of New holidays plus extending the old ones To get those Thais with money to spend Never mind the ones with out jobs Cant see much happening this year Tourist wise International or Domestic
  3. Why dont they start a Crowd funding site Seems to work okay for others
  4. I think people here mainly ex-pats must realise China and India are the rising stars for tourism here for the future of Thailand The days of the large numbers of western tourists in the 80s through to early 2000 has now passed Hence Thailand looking forward to the Chinese for investment and Tourism Time will tell
  5. What's with this guy the bomb threat before now this How is he getting away with this Theres me thinking of my 90 days reporting miss the 90 days or fail to report on time for my annual retirement visa of the the consequences Then read about this guy ?
  6. Still the no wiser are they loaned out or not One saying yes Airbus saying no.?
  7. I have my government transferred monthly into a Thai bank account And find it's at a reasonable rate Plus when transferring from my UK bank account transfer in pounds usually a better rate As if you transfer in Thai Baht the bank here charge 500 baht
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