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  1. Which is fair enough as she has no remorse at all. Even recently, she was saying that she wasn't bothered by seeing the heads of people in bins - as they were enemies . There's something v. wrong with her, so leave her stateless and in a 'refugee' camp... Edit - It's her problem if she is genuinely left stateless - as nobody wants her as a result of her actions.
  2. "The whole backstop saga was also a welcome distraction for them, from the real wrongs of Theresa’s surrender document. Maybe those wrongs are being resolved behind closed doors and not the media spotlight. We don’t know if they are being ironed out or glossed over. With Remainers at the talks it’s probably the latter." Probably??? Of course it's the latter!!
  3. I disagree. When the electorate are given a referendum and told that the vote will be enacted - it has to be a 'spit in the eye' for everyone in the electorate when their MPs then do everything in their power to bypass the referendum result! Of course many who disagree with the referendum result will argue otherwise, but IMO it is making it very clear to ALL the electorate that the govt. and MPs only meant it as a 'sop' to the electorate (for their own, political reasons....) - and are desperately trying to back-track - as the vote didn't go their way.
  4. I still don't understand why anyone on the left wing would support semitism? Even less the following statement:- "old-school neo-Nazis who are their new friends." It makes no sense?
  5. I agree, BUT the electorate were finally given a referendum on whether to stay/leave the eu, and that their decision would be enacted. They voted leave. Which makes it even more of a 'spit in the eye' to the electorate when their MPs then do their best to bypass the referendum result....
  6. I flew to visit family and friends in '07. Helsinki provided smoking areas whilst waiting for the next flight to a small airport within Finland. After visiting family there, I flew to the UK. No probs. as I rarely smoke after leaving a short-haul flight until I leave the terminal. On the flight back from Heathrow or Gatwick, I was more than a bit miffed to be told that smoking was not allowed anywhere in the airport..... Which was when I realised that I would never be back .
  7. In short, no deal is better than a bad deal? Now where did I hear this before?
  8. The problem is that the May/eu deal doesn't include a trade deal either......
  9. I haven't followed the anti-semitism story either, but perhaps the above post explains it?
  10. Probably nearly as "flustered" as you and another poster, who seem to think brexiteers care about having a blue passport !
  11. The Labour party (many decades ago....) genuinely supported the bottom strata, those paid the least. For many decades, this has ceased to be the case (IMO) as the leaders became more interested in increasing their own wealth and power - until we eventually arrived at blair.... A tory in everything other than name... Which is why nowadays there is no reason to vote for either party - as they are both the same. I suspect, but obviously don't know - that your parents would be horrified at the way the Labour party has turned into another tory party. Corbyn may well once have been a genuine socialist (which is why he's despised by Labour MPs?), but he's also entirely untrustworthy IMO, as he used to be a brexiteer, but for political reasons has turned into a remainer as far as I can make out.
  12. And yet the liberal democrats did at the last election, and didn't do so well.....
  13. Are these the same "young, university educated people" that we're continually told supported remain?
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