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  1. We are 'coming at this' from different angles. There is something very wrong when the wages/salaries of so many need to be topped up by the govt. IMO. (Which doesn't equate with "fair wages for a fair day's work") It used to be the case (when I first started working) that we were paid very little as we had no experience/knowledge etc., but were able to work our way up into better paid positions that paid more (and frequently far more) than a living wage/salary. Things changed substantially over the next decade or so, and 're-structuring' ensured that the experienced being paid a living wage were relatively quickly replaced by far younger, inexperienced people on far lower wages/salaries.... Which is why we've all been complaining about the appalling 'customer service' provided for a long time now! Of course it depends on one's opinion as to whether this is a price worth paying. Of course this is mostly due to govt. policies/globalism/financial interests (obviously only scratching the surface here) etc. etc. - but allowing an influx of people from far poorer countries into far wealthier countries could clearly only exacerbate the problem! But it works very well for the wealthy.....
  2. I wouldn't disagree that UK govts. have proven themselves to be far worse than the govts. in most other Northern EU countries .
  3. "Once again, reference to MSM but no indication of what the alternative, presumably better, source is." I prefer to read/listen to a variety of sources (including MSM), recognise the inherent bias, and then come to my own conclusions. Admittedly, personal experience pays a large part towards my bs detector.
  4. "The Poles don't bring prosperity to British working men, they put 'em on benefits that the rest of us have to pay for, that's not prosperity." Or (for those employers that follow the rules), allow them to keep wages as low as possible.
  5. Sadly, this is very true - even if you're still paying UK income tax you will be expected to pay the cost, plus another 50% (if I understand correctly). EU citizens that are in the UK can however, either receive free treatment or pay a small annual amount to legitimately receive NHS treatment. Again, if I understand correctly.
  6. "I'm not knocking the NHS nor anyone who works in it" I can't see why not! The NHS has been far from good for a long time, apart from emergencies requiring immediate action to prevent death. Edit - A great system that has been destroyed by politicians and the financial interests from which they either gain, or from which they will gain in the future.... Entirely off topic, for which I apologise.
  7. "No need. Black skin/ brown skin = dirty foreigner. White skin = true Brit. It's the Brexiteer way." Sadly, I've no doubt that you (as a remainer) genuinely believe this to be true. Perhaps it's time for us ALL to move beyond the stupid stereotypes inflicted upon us by MSM and politicians?
  8. Good point, but the cost should initially be based on the costs incurred at govt. hospitals by expats on retirement extensions - and I doubt this would amount to 50,000 bht p.a. when divided by all expats. on retirement extensions. The vast majority prefer to 'pay their own way' in private hospitals at the moment (even though we know that govt. hospitals are far cheaper), and there is no reason why this would not continue - particularly if there was an excess of around 100,000 bht?
  9. Sounds unlikely, but presumably it's possible. Thanks for the link .
  10. A trade deal SHOULD have been at the top of the list, but instead it was dismissed as entirely unimportant (by both sides....) until EVERYTHING else had been agreed....
  11. Blaming the UK for the loss of thousands of jobs in the EU will be a difficult 'sell', but I've no doubt that MSM in the countries affected will do their best to do so.... Nonetheless, I'm pretty sure that the majority of the population affected in EU countries will also blame the EU govt. - for refusing to negotiate sensibly with the UK re. brexit.
  12. Unfortunately, it's hard to name any 'good' politicians - and even the few who do research to gain more knowledge, only do so to further their financial interests/power...... Most MPs aren't particularly intelligent or more informed, they are just self-interested people looking to enhance their own earnings and or power. IMO of course.
  13. Jeremy Paxman provided a great documentary a few years ago as to the fallacy of eu democracy .
  14. Perhaps it's time to change the 'rules' so that MPs represent their constituents, rather than their own self-serving version of 'what is best for the nation'?
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