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  1. Probably nearly as "flustered" as you and another poster, who seem to think brexiteers care about having a blue passport !
  2. The Labour party (many decades ago....) genuinely supported the bottom strata, those paid the least. For many decades, this has ceased to be the case (IMO) as the leaders became more interested in increasing their own wealth and power - until we eventually arrived at blair.... A tory in everything other than name... Which is why nowadays there is no reason to vote for either party - as they are both the same. I suspect, but obviously don't know - that your parents would be horrified at the way the Labour party has turned into another tory party. Corbyn may well once have been a genuine socialist (which is why he's despised by Labour MPs?), but he's also entirely untrustworthy IMO, as he used to be a brexiteer, but for political reasons has turned into a remainer as far as I can make out.
  3. And yet the liberal democrats did at the last election, and didn't do so well.....
  4. Are these the same "young, university educated people" that we're continually told supported remain?
  5. Agree about May hoping for a miracle.... "in multilateral talks it is not uncommon that it loosens during the 11th hour" Agree with this too, but as May is entirely happy with her and the eu's deal - and the eu is saying that there can be no change to the deal - any changes are likely to be extremely minimal, in the hope that MPs can 'sell' this as a 'victory' to the electorate..... Genuine negotiation never even started, as May immediately agreed to the eu's negotiating list agenda...... And talks about trade were at the very bottom of that list, whilst money to be paid to the eu was at the very top..... Edit - Whilst at the time, May was declaring that "no deal was better than a bad deal" . Even NOW, we have no idea as to how the 39bn has been calculated. Edit - There's nothing "ok ok" about the agreed deal - it's everything the eu wanted.....
  6. And yet at the last election when Vince's party was the only one supporting remain, they didn't do so well....
  7. Except we've already had one, and the electorate voted for parties that promised to abide by the brexit referendum....
  8. Blair gained power by a landslide as socialist voters thought he was a socialist. We found out the hard way immediately, that he was a tory in disguise. But I do agree that the electorate voted him in again . The country wasn't happier during the Blair years IMO. I for one, left the uk in '06 - with a serious dislike of all politicians.
  9. Pretty pointless as the eu have made it very clear that they will not re-negotiate . On the other hand, they are apparently happy to prolong the extension period beyond the 30 March, even though there cannot be any point in doing so as they are not prepared to negotiate! Edit - There is something very wrong with this scenario.....
  10. I expect May and MPs intend to keep kicking the can down the road in the hope that 'something' will happen that will save their skins at the next election.....
  11. I've never had any problems finding rented houses that accept dogs. And if they accept dogs they'll surely accept cats. For various reasons I moved house 4 times within the first year or so of moving here, but admittedly have now been in the same rented house for more than 11 years - so perhaps things have changed? Seems unlikely though as there seems to be a LOT of available houses to rent.
  12. Exactly! This surely has to be the most important reason why extending the leave date is pretty pointless? I can understand why politicians prefer to keep kicking the can down the road, but it only benefits the uk if they (finally....) use the time to put leave preparations in place - and, if this is the intent of the uk govt., you can be sure that the eu wouldn't agree to an extension.
  13. Let's wait and see whether it is part of the May/eu plan to insist that their agreement is the only way forward.... When the 'agreement' is slightly changed (as I fully expect to happen one way or another), will the Estonia president change his views, and suddenly decide not to veto the changes?
  14. Hardly, as May did her v. best to promote the worst possible deal for the uk, including one part that would result in the uk likely remaining part of the eu forever, and paying 39 bn on top of the annual cost.... for the privilege! I've no doubt that both May and the eu are still looking for a way that will give the (mostly remainer) MPs an excuse to vote for BRINO (that they hope will be acceptable to the electorate as a result of the no deal scare stories), whilst paying an addtl. 39 bn.....
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