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  1. There's no doubt that the brexit result resulted in a drop in sterling - as everyone expected a remain result. The money markets etc. hate the idea of brexit. It's up to the individual as to whether they prefer to rely on the money markets/'expert opinon'/ or their own real life experiences....
  2. Unlike the eu..... Edit - not that I trust brit. banks/govt. either
  3. To be fair, I expect many of us 'retired' here with lots of money - and never expected to have to deal with a "plan B" - as a result of circumstances that we had never brought into the equation. And I'm not talking about exchange rates to bht, that have been volatile for a very long time.
  4. I agree with both of you, but have little doubt that alcohol causes more deaths.
  5. I've never taken these type of drugs in my life, but have 2 brothers with serious drug addictions . Even so, I've never informed myself on the difference between 'crack'/'meth' and the like - as I prefer not to know anything more about these appalling drugs. I know enough about the appalling consequences from talking to one brother who is desperately trying to get off 'crack' nowadays . Hard drugs have destroyed 2 of my brothers' lives - and so I think it's time to legalise 'soft' drugs (and let's be honest, alcohol is far less soft than marijuana) and concentrate on the drugs that ruin lives/cause aggression etc. And before anyone says that I like marijuana and so am promoting it's 'cause' - I had one 'drag' as a youngster, and it didn't affect me - and have never been in a situation to try it again.
  6. Until there is a genuine brexit, we have no idea how it will affect us one way or another.
  7. dick dasterdly


    I didn't know that, but then (admittedly) know very little about the teachings of Buddha. So no 'soul' or reincarnation - just concentrate on causing the least harm possible? In which case, why bother with 'enlightenment'? Genuine question, I'm not trying to be argumentative.
  8. dick dasterdly


    "I lump it all into a group I simply call dreaming. In my many decades of untold hours, daily since I was so young that I didn't know the difference between my body being awake and being asleep (I've since figured it out, thanx for asking), of sometimes careful sometimes playful study in that, of self exploration and finding my own way, of utilizing just for grins techniques developed by various cultures all doing the same thing, as to whether or not any of that transitions into some other life, as to whether or not that even survives the death of this body I can tell you definitively, without question or reservation that I hasn't a clue." It's not always just "dreaming". As a child I'd often go to bed and start thinking about the 'impossibilities' - e.g. time/space/universe (i.e. how can there be no beginning and no end?) - which always resulted in an 'out of body, looking down at myself thinking that body is not ME) experience. And I was not asleep or dreaming. Decades later, I discovered that I'd hypnotised myself.
  9. dick dasterdly


    "I don't believe consciousness can exist on its own, without a supporting, physical organism." I hope, and think that you're wrong in this respect.
  10. dick dasterdly


    Reincarnation seems unlikely to me for obvious (?) reasons - but I do think our 'soul' is entirely separate from our body. "My concern is more with the practicalities of present living. I am but a candle lit now. My focus from as far back as I can recall has been exploration of consciousness in this life." Same here, so have to agree.
  11. dick dasterdly


    Sorry to bring this very interesting discussion back to basics - but surely it was mostly due to genetics? Geniuses, in any sphere, have at least one parent that was very intelligent in that sphere?
  12. I've never listened to his views either, but gather he is BNP etc. - and so realise (without listening to him) that I don't agree with his views.
  13. Possibly parts of Luton, or parts of East London? I don't generally support ivor bigun's racist posts, but he's right in this case. Mind you, the yobs in some nearby areas were just as bad .
  14. I think "in late stage pregnancy and wants to return to the UK stated she was not upset when seeing the head of an 'enemy' in a rubbish bin as he had tried to kill Muslims"; is the most shocking part. It takes a seriously deranged individual to not be "upset when seeing the head of an 'enemy' in a rubbish bin".....
  15. "I did not justify the motorbike's using the sidewalk, but you edited my post and took that sentence out of context making seem I had. The next time you decide to edit someone's post in a reply it's a good idea to indicate that action in your reply or in the quoted portion." Agree entirely with this part of your post. djayz deliberately only quoted part of your post, which meant the part of your post he quoted was taken out of context. Personally, I'd report the poster for so deliberately changing the context of your post.
  16. Now wait up a minute; it's the 'bike riders that die, not a multitude of pedestrians.
  17. I'm inclined to agree with this. In this case the worst part is that the guy on the 'bike DELIBERATELY came back to hit the pedestrian who pointed out that he should not be driving on the pavement! This cannot be excused in any way, shape or form.
  18. It seems unlikely that the try diver would suffer DCS if they only went to 10m.
  19. Always good to see a new member - who for some reason isn't interested in Thailand - just brexit .
  20. IMO, assuming he's living in the uk - he has a point. Unsuprisingly (.....) after joining the common market and CAP, prices went up......
  21. Any source for this as my (admittedly limited) understanding was that we would continue to pay the eu during the 'transition period' (which may have no end.....), whilst still paying an addtl. 39 bn to the eu? Regardless, I am still looking for a link to explain the amount that is 'owed' to the eu.
  22. I can (sort of) understand 15/16 year olds (and even far older) being 'led down the path' as a result of the Iraq/Afghan wars - but to then express that she doesn't regret her actions, but now wants to come back to the UK???? The OP said something along the lines of 'they were high achievers at school'. Clearly not at all intelligent if she thinks expressing no regret, and only wanting to go back to the UK as she is in a refugee camp - and is suddenly caring about her children.......
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