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  1. I used to visit 3 times / year. This year I will visit twice. Next year, I am not even sure if I will visit at all. I think a break from Thailand for 18 months or so would be a good thing. The reasons for visiting less frequently are first and foremost, the high cost of a holiday there, a combination of price increases in Thailand and the strong baht. So, yes, the strong baht is a big part of it. There is another issue for me and that is that recent holidays just have not been that much fun. Part of it is that the warmth I used to feel from the Thai people isn't there any more. It didn't matter whether it was hotel staff, shop assistants or just people in general, there was a real warmth from a lot of Thai people. These days it's not that I feel unwelcome, it's simply that the warm fuzzy feeling I used to get has gone. Combine that with the fact that a trip costs me approx. 30% more this year than it did 3 years ago (price increases and exchange rate differences) and it's just not good value for money any more, in my opinion.
  2. If you're willing to travel, the consulates in Brisbane Australia and Auckland New Zealand are both very easy and from recent reports, each will issue a multiple-entry tourist visa to non-Australians and New Zealanders. Brisbane probably better as it's a shorter flight and they usually issue the visa while you wait / within an hour.
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