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  1. Some things in Thailand are much cheaper than the UK. Some things are much more expensive - and used cares are amongst those things which are much more expensive in Thailand than the UK. Try not to think about what sort of car the same amount of money would be in the UK, as hard as it may be to avoid that comparison.
  2. My experience is that Thais can be quite hard on cars. Some also don't carry out maintenance according to the factory schedule. High mileage is less of a problem if the vehicle has a full service history - and that is something I would be very keen to see....as opposed to service by Somchai's Village Auto & Tuktuk Services.
  3. Do you know any policemen, by chance? If you have a relationship with someone in the police or have a friend who knows an officer, they could probably find out where she is quickly, and cheaply. I am sure there are some good investigation firms out there but I have also heard enough stories about investigators who do the same trick as some lawyers do in Thailand with foreign clients and keep stringing them along and asking for more and more money...
  4. These agencies are operating in the grey zone and this sort of thing isn't unheard of. I know this does not answer your question, but any problems with your passport and visa can turn in to a real nightmare and is the primary reason why many of us would never get involved with an "agency".
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