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  1. rarely stopped and asked for a license but i have an expired license from another country i have shown a few times. now i dont even stop even if they wave me down, they have never chased after me.
  2. so if you spent 60 days on all of those VE but they were very sporadic over several years you think it would not really matter to immigration?
  3. i had a tourist visa and was denied by thai immigration entry into thailand at DMK. they stated the maximum stay in each calendar year for a tourist is 180 days. no such rule exists. thai people will make up anything to "appear" to remedy the situation.
  4. what is this less than 90 days and the last 6 months thing? i have not seen this stated anywhere. just because an employee makes up a rule to save face in a certain scenario does not mean it applies to everyone.
  5. kind of an off topic question, but is there value in protecting your less than 6 lifetime visa exempt entries so immigration does not get an alert on the computer or does it not really matter?
  6. mixed reports. some people say only 1 tourist visa possible from them. likely there are no specific rules. just how the worker is feeling that day and specifics of your individual case. its worth a shot since you are already there. just dont go on a monday and you will most likely be ok. post the full rundown of what you have in your passport and the results after you apply. this could be some useful information.
  7. where has this been posted, is it official information? this would mean if your a continuous long stay person in thailand on tourist visas you could only obtain 1 tourist visa from savannakhet?? as far as another embassy. people talk about possibly obtaining another tourist visa with a red stamp in the passport but i dont actually recall any successful reports being posted. certainly not in the last 2 or 3 years.
  8. i see, no harm in trying for a tourist visa then using the exempt as a fall back. i dont think ill be going to yangon though hell of a trip. try my luck again in savannakhet.
  9. you can apply at any immigration office, while providing a valid reason for the extension. they will consider your application and if approved you will pay and get the notation in the passport done in front of you.
  10. good point, but the thing is i cant really get another tourist visa at this point. my last one has the remark on it.
  11. i could see 1 or 2 trips per year. but some people act like they will be leaving every weekend.
  12. you can find quality stuff if you look hard enough in the larger cities, the problem is it will be absurdly expensive. food wise, well you should not be eating any thai food if you care about your health. properly prepared thai food at home is an exception.
  13. yes, if people just accept things for what they are, they will have a easier time. i dont know why all thse old people are traveling everywhere. At that age i hope i would be waking up in the same bed close to 365 days a year.
  14. your not thai, accept the situation or move on to a different country. little thai school children would have a better chance of influencing thai authorities than any foreign person. the only way things change, is if the visa numbers start falling then things would relax. but as it sits now foreigners residing in thailand are not needed anymore. plenty of chinese tourists.
  15. hi guys, what do you think on a second land border run in my current passport. I have 7 thai tourist visas in the passport and 1 visa exempt by land which is the last time i left thailand. I have spent everyday of 2019 as a tourist in thailand except for about 5 days. is it questionable to get that second land border run? very concerned with all the changes and current climate with immigration. I am debating leaving thailand for a while or going for broke in the current passport.
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