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  1. There is clearly air in the ink supply lines. Going through the cleaning cycle over and over again is using up a lot of ink and if air is getting into your ink supplies, cleaning the nozzles repeatedly is a very temporary fix.
  2. I learned HTML coding on a program from AOL... I think it was called Coffee Cup or something like that! Moved on to Front Page and then quickly to Dreamweaver! I arrived on the 'home' computing scene just as 28.8 modems were giving way to the lightning fast 33.6 modems. Modem drivers were the hardest to install... maybe even harder than flatbed scanner drivers! (Never the twain shall meet!}
  3. I love my TOT internet... The price has been the same for years... 700 baht a month. When I first signed up it was 10 mbs down and 5 mbs up. How times have changed!
  4. Get a new one. TVs are disposable these days. I got this 50 incher from Macro for 7,900... bloody brilliant. If it fails I'll just get another one.
  5. The Advice store near me has a table outside with a pile of returns and other junk that they can't shift. No noise, though!
  6. Awesome... now getting better speeds since I unplugged from the hub and directly into the motherboard!
  7. Super duper! Everything working as it should!
  8. A 'system image' can be used to re-create an exact copy of your windows installation if you have a breakdown. If you create a recovery drive (usually prompted during a system image run) you would insert the new drive in place of the old one, boot to the recovery USB and then install your Windows and programs from the 'system image' which you had saved on another disc. A partition clone is just an exact copy of all the files and folders... but not the information you need for a 'system restore'. But it may work if you are upgrading to a new drive, although there will be problems with partition sizes and some programs won't run properly. Do you want a simple copy of the drive or do you want a back up to use in case of a drive failure?
  9. Ah, well, I said I didn't have a problem, not that they haven't failed or broken. As everything is backed up, when a drive fails, (happens once every few years) it's simply replaced. No problem. This new drive will be loaded one time with media and will become a 'read-only' drive in the future.
  10. I've been buying the WD drives for decades... never had a problem.
  11. Excellent... it should arrive sometime this morning... or at the latest just after lunch!
  12. Wow! An 8 terabyte Western Digital external hard drive for just $7,040 including the shipping on LAZADA ! It should be here in a couple of days. I'll update this post with a complete review which will include delivery times, packaging and performance speeds. Stay tuned!
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