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  1. Personally I'd prefer an airport that doesn't have cracked runways constantly needing repairs and operate at 200 per cent over capacity than air con or wifi that isn't up to standards of the some fussy passengers.
  2. Any policeman can access it or only senior cops?
  3. Yes, a good way to confirm he is in prison but I doubt he'd tell the full details of his crime.
  4. Does Thailand have a national police database of people who have committed crimes? I want to find out about a foreigner living in Pattaya who was jailed about a year ago. I’ve asked a couple of Thais about how to find out more about it from the police and been met with the usual vague replies. ‘Oh it was long time ago, the police man who dealt with it might have moved... if one month or two months it is easy’ That just seems inconceivable that information about a crime can’t be found. I imagine they would have crime data at their fingertips on a police computer system.
  5. It's not like this in the day time. These pictures have been taken at first light
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