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  1. Mother and Father saved themselves but none of the children were saved; who's to blame? Seems like parental negligence if not criminal negligence on part of the parents.
  2. There is a special afterlife for those taken before their time.
  3. Sentenced to 19 years in Prison in 2016 but he's assaulting children in 2018? On parole? Why not in prison on bread and water.
  4. I'd like to see that "light up with my butts", sounds like a Vegas show.
  5. How does Thailand's road death toll per miles driver versus California?
  6. The key words are "under him". Isn't this the same country that murdered more than a million of it's citizens?
  7. I recall tears being shed in this frustrating "teen love" years, but no bridge jumping.
  8. So young, so sad, so many idiotic remarks by insensitive animals.
  9. No good deed shall go unpunished and the greater the deed, the more severe the punishment.
  10. I never understood these payments for the 9=11 attacks. People with lung problems were getting life benefits for family members who had long died. Men and women in the US Military who lost a spouse got a flat $6.000 that's all folks. The 9/11 fund was a total rip off of the American taxpayer and a political boondoggle of the highest order.
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