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  1. I know it will never happen, but large warning signs should alert humans that Elephants don't appreciate being ridden. To teach them to accept that is a painful process. DO NOT RIDE ELEPHANTS-ELEPHANTS CAN AND DO KILL HUMANS.
  2. Well the price seems right, location wrong, ages too young, seem to eat well though.
  3. Poor doggies? How about poor children savaged by wild animals. We have cats, outside caged, indoor spoiled.
  4. OK this guy is a total crap head but what kind of "lady" would come back to a "commune hotel room" for sex at 04:00. Was there applause? Seems that airport check in would have spotted the scum with his back pack and sent him back home. No income for Thailand from this idiot.
  5. The Thai government should hang their heads in shame, OH SORRY, The Thai Government has no shame.
  6. I am sick of the typical Thai "Oh I thought it was my bad neighbor" or "I thought it was my ex wife". Bullsugar. No prison, no psychiatrist, a simple "shot to death while attempting to escape. Even that is too good for this animal and many more like him/her we read about.
  7. Mother and Father saved themselves but none of the children were saved; who's to blame? Seems like parental negligence if not criminal negligence on part of the parents.
  8. There is a special afterlife for those taken before their time.
  9. Sentenced to 19 years in Prison in 2016 but he's assaulting children in 2018? On parole? Why not in prison on bread and water.
  10. I'd like to see that "light up with my butts", sounds like a Vegas show.
  11. How does Thailand's road death toll per miles driver versus California?
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