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  1. Britain has always been a soft touch, when it comes to immigrants, because not one politician would listen to Enoch Powell.
  2. The whole story is as important as the ending, as it should put an end to conspiracy theories. But at the moment, it does appear from all the stories so far, the Government have a lot to answer for, and not just port authorities, except for maybe allowing the transporting ship to sink in the harbour.
  3. I thought there was no CV here, only Thais returning, majority of Foreigners here either live here or stuck here, So must be Racism.
  4. Corruption is not ok with me, but its a question of who's doing it, if the Government put out contracts, and the suppliers don't full fill the contract because they are not capable, then one can't blame the Government for corruption, if one cannot back up the facts.
  5. That's one angry pro European candidate, with a picture to suit.
  6. If all the above figures are to be believed, then all the UK conmen must of come out the cupboard to take advantage of the Governments desperate attempts to supply PPT, I very much doubt that such sums were paid without supply's being produced, so I would say its rather rash to blame the Government at this stage, its easy for armchair critics to lay blame with hindsight. As for Cummings, I would of believed many High So;s flouted the laws in some way, but he was one to be caught, and the media loves a scapegoat, but he had reasonable cause to get home at the time. And as for the people blaming the Government for everything, why not vent your anger at the ignorant selfish English for ignoring the rules, and spreading the virus around. A second wave is likely to be coming, and there are still many being so ignorant and selfish. No matter what Government had been in power, it would of still been a no win situation, with all the armchair critics around.
  7. Why are all going on about Potus, and the Generals, its now't to do with them, Thousands would of assumed it were a bomb, even the Lebanese people thought it must of been a missile. But, the Lebanese Government are blaming port officials, when they themselves seem to of been incompetent at dealing with the issue of what to do with it. They had it confiscated, with no thought on what to do with it for 6 years.
  8. He could be referring to Wealthy Thais taking their money out due to the high baht.
  9. The video was not very clear as to what happened, hope an enhanced copy is made available.
  10. Its quite common for the sea to be like mill pond, before a storm, Hence the expression " the lull before the storm" I know from first hand experience, when I was stupid enough to risk it when I had a 51 ft. ex fishing vessel, I never ignored weather warnings again.
  11. Sad way to end, probably for only a few Baht, and maybe a phone.
  12. I think people are missing the main point, Storm warnings were issued, and yet the ferry put to sea, Is it the owners responsibility, or the captains decision, on whether to sail or not ????
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