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  1. Money laundering springs to mind, co's how can so much money be taken out of Thailand, when we have problems with just 50,000 Baht.
  2. And they want to give Chinese free Visas, Here. makes a mockery of all the work done to get rid of foreigners on overstay etc etc.
  3. EUROPE ARE ALLIES ??? So why they making leaving so difficult, And as for the collaborators, they should be put against a wall and shot, the normal treatment for Traitors. Britain democratically voted to leave, end of story, We should not be having a politician referendum. We might have some allies in Europe, but they are certainly not German or French
  4. It's a shame foreigners are not allowed to do the jobs that Thais can do, But it would seem bus driving is one job Thais can't do safely.
  5. I think Handsome Gardener should concentrate on growing daisies, The medical professions and scientists have always worked together to rid the world of its diseases and cancer's Shame they can't cure the politicians, that are the biggest problem.
  6. Too many Remainers obviously don't have a clue what life was like before the common market, they only see one side of the whole picture, and hence only believe the EU propaganda, they can't grasp the fact that Germany and two faced France need the UK's money to build their Federal Europe, and then screw Britain for all its worth, with it's laws etc. The likes of Ted Heath, Blair and J. Major sold Britain down the river, just like many of the remainer politicians are trying to do now. (regardless of the Referendum) Some shortages are probably inevitable, but in due course thing will become stable again, Europe is doing it's best to rock the boat by not making it easy for us to leave, so we can return to the days when Britain never had so many problems. Any deal that leaves us tied to the EU would be a bigger disaster, so a NO DEAL is the only sensible answer.
  7. Looks like scaffolding used was not fit for the purpose, might be ok for small beams, but more generally used for workers on the outside of the building.
  8. Demonstrators banners proclaim Putin to be a thief, HOW RIGHT, how else could he amass such a huge fortune
  9. Britain was conned into a common market by Politicians who saw the benefits for them selves, hence the reason many still want to remain. Britain was doing ok before we went in, no reason why things can't improve after we're out, Being FREE of EU shackles is long over due, Just needs the Fat Cat bosses to stop sulking, and prove their worth, they have had 3 years to prepare, so there should be no excuses for any failings/
  10. Cannot believe anything Juncker the Junta says. he's a scheming crook, The EU should do an Audit for the first time when he's gone,
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