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  1. That's an interesting (and perhaps dubious) assertion. Perhaps you'd care to clarify?
  2. I know that Capita was acquired by a company called Link, and now the Capital Financial website which used to have information about what was happening with the winding up of the Arch Cru funds is now defunct. Does anyone know where the equivalent website is now located? Google hasn't been any help to me. Thanks
  3. If you need to ask very basic questions like this you're clearly should not be buying Thai stocks. You'd be better off buying Thai mutual funds where you can have experts select the stocks to be held in the fund. A mutual fund will also hold dozens or hundreds of stocks, so if one company fails you only lose a small proportion of your investment. You can open and account and buy mutual funds via your bank. After that you can buy/sell online. Technically you're not buying from a bank, but from the bank's asset management subsidiary. They have separate websites such as: https://www.krungsriasset.com/EN/Home.html https://www.tmbam.com/home/en/index.php https://www.ktam.co.th/en/Default.aspx &c.
  4. Oxx

    Heartburn from thai bottled water

    I can assure you there is not a single UK individual that drinks from a "faucet". We have "spigots".
  5. Oxx

    Best dictionaries

    Mea culpa. Messed up in editing. I was referring to the New Age Dictionary, which is the work of a single man. The Haas dictionary was the work of a team led by Mary Haas.
  6. Google Finance is going to be your best bet. You can create a spreadsheet on Google Docs and use the GOOGLEFINANCE function. https://support.google.com/docs/answer/3093281?hl=en
  7. Oxx

    Private Thai lessons from Thai Style

    Not studied with them, but the sample material is pretty poor. Consider the transcription system for one word: พยัญชนะ Pá-yun-chá-ná The letter "a" and "u" are used to represent the same vowel sound, and the tones for "pa" and "cha" are wrong for normal speech. (They should both be mid-tone, unstressed, no glottal stop.)
  8. Oxx

    Heartburn from thai bottled water

    I'll only comment on the one site. This is clearly not produced by anyone with scientific knowledge, and I'm pretty sure the figure is just plucked from the air. When a site claims "bottled waters that contribute to excess body acidity" one instantly knows one is dealing with a charlatan or ignoramus. The body's pH is managed by homeostatic processes within an incredibly narrow range, 7.35-7.45. Outside that range, and you're going to be severely unwell or dead. https://www.forbes.com/sites/quora/2016/03/11/how-our-bodies-go-to-extraordinary-lengths-to-maintain-safe-ph-levels/#62cfa2d870e5 The home page of the website further proves it to be run by quacks and snakeoil salesmen. "Detoxify" - nobody can actually say what these so-called "toxins" are. They are not something scientifically recognised. They're just all woo. "Antioxidants" - the body is already packed with natural antioxidants. Consuming food with antioxidant properties has no detectable effect on the lefts of antioxidants in the body. It's also questionable whether oxygen and hydrogen even act as antioxidants in the body as is claimed. "Water ionizers create high alkaline and low pH water" - utterly impossible for water to be both highly alkaline (high pH) and low pH at the same time.
  9. Oxx

    Heartburn from thai bottled water

    A made up statistic? This source says it's pH 6.4 and includes a photograph of the pH meter with the reading in the water. (For comparison, vinegar is roughly pH 3.)
  10. Oxx

    Heartburn from thai bottled water

    I do hope that's a reference to Tom Lehrer
  11. Oxx

    Heartburn from thai bottled water

    Whole load of codswallop lifted verbatim from a website promoting quack treatments. Written not by an expert in the field, but by a man who worked (or works) behind the counter of a chemist shop.
  12. Oxx

    Heartburn from thai bottled water

    Not quite. Safe to drink when it leaves the production plant. However, not necessarily safe to drink when it comes out of your tap because of pipe leaks along the way allowing bacteria to enter. And the state of water infrastructure in Bangkok is parlous. Quite possibly worse in other provinces.
  13. More self publicity (though a lot of what he writes about the state of Britain today is pretty accurate): https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/272546/why-im-seeking-asylum-america-milo-yiannopoulos
  14. Oxx

    McAfee Anti Virus

    It's not possible to be "fully protected" with Microsoft Windows. I recently had the misfortune to use a friend's Windows computer. It was running Microsoft Security Essentials which didn't report any problems, though the browsers had clearly been hijacked by mail.ru-type malware. Comodo was able to partially clear the malware, but something was left which Bitdefender could detect, but couldn't clean. Malwarebytes and Panda Cloud Antivirus were ineffective. No anti-malware programme is going to be 100% effective. And with an incredible 350,000 new Windows viruses emerging every single day*, that's pretty much inevitable. Source: https://www.av-test.org/en/statistics/malware/
  15. Oxx

    Heartburn from thai bottled water

    Trolls traditionally have problems with water, being nature beings of the land. So, it's either that or purely psychosomatic.