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  1. You are aware that the second book can be ordered directly from White Lotus Press at their website? It's US$ 30. https://www.whitelotusbooks.com/bookdetail.php?id=E22275/CD
  2. Not if the purpose of the exercise were to line the pockets of influential persons. It's like the project to build a museum in each of Bangkok's 50 districts. The one in my district is absolutely massive, but I can't think for the life of me what they'd put in it. It's not as if the district has any history of note. It was all rice fields until a few years ago. The only logical reason for the project that I can think of is that it provides massive opportunities for individuals to further enrich themselves through corruption.
  3. Pictures at https://www.facebook.com/ItsAseanSkyline/posts/101-tower-roi-et-province-northeastern-thailand-101-tower-101-nueng-roi-et-or-ro/1973695276260727/ show just how ghastly it's going to look when it's finished.
  4. This is probably coincidence, not causation. Of course, you could start drinking the water again and see if the rash returns. (But even if it does that might be psychosomatic.)
  5. That reference comes without any citation and, apparently, has been pulled out of someone's rear end. It's worthless. There is no commercial grapefruit production in Thailand. It's probably confusing grapefruit with sômˑoo (pomelo in English) - a totally different fruit.
  6. What on earth is "London Post"? And why should we believe what it writes?
  7. I don't know where you got those rankings, but they're highly suspect. I've never even seen a grapefruit in Thailand, and the only lemons here are imported. You also appear to be overlooking some of Thailand's most exported fruit: durian, mangosteen, longan. Anyway, this link might help you: http://ap.fftc.agnet.org/ap_db.php?id=818
  8. What is your interest? Importing? Exporting? Purely academic? Anyway, this is probably worth your reading: http://www.journal.au.edu/au_techno/2008/jan08/journal113_article01.pdf
  9. Yes, it can grow in Thailand, but that doesn't make it popular. When unripe it's sometimes used in small cubes as an addition to various types of small wraps to provide acidity. It also appears in fruit salad in hotel buffets because it looks pretty (and looks far better than it tastes).
  10. Papaya is very popular. Kumquat is not. Kiwano is non-existent in Thailand. Kiwi and (I think) carambola are imported, and are seen in upmarket supermarkets. Avocados are grown locally (very poor quality) and imported (very expensive - 119 baht/fruit in TOPS recently). They frequently appear on restaurant menus (e.g. Fuji) so must be quite popular.
  11. This isn't something that can be diagnosed on a webboard. There are lots of possibilities including adrenal glands, pituitary glands, pancreas, liver. You really need to see a doctor. After you've seen a doctor you might consider switching to a low carb diet (e.g. Atkins), which you can combine with IF. Such a diet typically helps stabilise blood sugar levels.
  12. OP, I suggest you search for "tastebud transplant operation" if that sort of "recipe" appeals to you. Sounds absolutely vile.
  13. Apart from grand residences, I suspect that such houses started with traditional shop house architecture. It started as a Sino-Portuguese thing in the early- to mid-1800s. Phuket in particular is noted for such constructions.
  14. It sees totally off topic, but the purposes is to stop your bike being stolen. No card, you can't take the bike out of the car park.
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