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  1. My debit card, from Krung Sri, can be used at any ATM, which is very convenient. (At least, any technically compatible ATM. L&H ATMs don't accept it, but all the major bank ATMs do.) I presume other banks have a comparable card.
  2. So, is the Embassy lobbying the Thai government to make sure that tax paying (direct or indirect) British expats are eligible for the vaccine on the same timescale at Thai people? And is the Embassy lobbying for the Thai government to place a cap on the charge for the vaccine in both public and private hospitals if the vaccine is not to be provided for free?
  3. Don't be so ungrateful. The reason you have not got answers is because you have not provided enough information, and your question is incredibly vague. <deleted> does everything in "I would need some help on setting up everything" mean? We're not mind readers.
  4. By the sound of it, you have only purchased a domain - not web hosting. Is that right? Most web hosts make setting up a blog as simple as a couple of clicks.
  5. Your pension will revert to the 2016 rate when you become non-resident again.
  6. Apparently it's been rebranded as "Wise". https://techcrunch.com/2021/02/21/wise/
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