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  1. Google Scholar lists 827 of his publications. https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=YbQav-MAAAAJ&hl=en&oi=ao
  2. The UK government publishes a "Digest of Double Taxation Treaties". It states explicitly (note 4 for Thailand) "Treaty does not include an article dealing with Non-Government pensions. Also, no relief for State Pension or ‘trivial commutation lump sum’". In other words, the civil servants have made sure they don't have to pay tax twice on their gold-plated pensions, but don't give a damn about the rest of us. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/710099/DT_Digest_April_2018.pdf
  3. That DTA refers to Government pensions (i.e. those paid to former civil servants); it does not cover State (i.e. paid to people who've actually done proper work during their lives) or Private pensions. Technically the latter two types of pension should be double taxed.
  4. But has anyone actually paid this? Do the tax authorities ever check? I think this is more of a theoretical thing than a reality, otherwise all UK pensioners (and others) would be taxed here on their UK pensions. (There's no DTA for state or private pensions between Thailand and the UK.)
  5. You are correct. However, the reason courses use it is because it can be used by both genders. It really doesn't reflect appropriate personal pronoun usage. At a basic level men should use phǒm and women dìˑchǎn.
  6. I doubt that. Work Sans rings absolutely no bells for me, and I did previously report some CSS issues with the site relating to fonts.
  7. "Why did you change the font?" Stupid question, but has the font changed? It's now Roboto. Wasn't it Roboto before?
  8. I'm assuming you're not American. Non-resident aliens have withholding tax deducted at 30% on dividends. They do not pay capital gains tax. However, if there is a tax agreement between the country of residence and the US, withholding tax may be at a lower rate - in the case of Thailand it's 15%. However, not all brokers implement the lower tax rate* and tax is deducted at 30%. I would suggest, however, that you check the situation with respect to US Estate tax in the event of your death. * E.g. Saxo Singapore.
  9. My opinion: that's a stupid assertion. (1) the difficulty of a language will depend upon how different it is from languages you already know. (2) There are roughly 6,500 languages in the world, many of them far more difficult than Thai. For a native English speaker there are even common languages more difficult to learn than Thai such as Finnish, Mandarin, Arabic, Hungarian, Basque, Navajo, Icelandic.
  10. What a lot of wasted space with the new design. Too little information on a single screen, and too much scrolling down now. And the boxes around "popular" posts are pointless.
  11. This sounds very much like the new Elite card that specifies you must show at least three million baht in a Thai bank (or in bonds) and a further 500,000 baht in foreign currency equivalent in a home-country bank. However, to apply you must already own a property in your own name in Thailand.
  12. Who thought it was a good idea to put a full screen YouTube video which plays automatically on the home page? Ludicrous, and showing no respect for people's bandwidth. Experience the nonsense at https://www.immigration.go.th/ If they've got the resources to do pointless stuff like this they should also have them to fix all the broken bits of their online presence, too.
  13. If being shrouded in black is so great, why don't Muslim men do it? The reality is that Muslim women are indoctrinated from birth and are, throughout their lives, the property of a man who can impose his will upon her. The French try to give Muslimas a freedom that should be their birthright - a fundamental human right - but which is completely unavailable to them under Sharia. The number of such women who would genuinely, as a free choice, free from indoctrination and repression, want to be shrouded like this in Islam is probably similar to the number of Christian nun
  14. ... because forcing a woman to shroud herself in a black sheet severely impinges upon liberty, equality and fraternity.
  15. However, there are statements in the hadith banning all imagery of living things, for example, from one of the most "reliable" hadith authors. Sunni Muslims are very strict about this; Shiites less so recently. It's also not necessary for something to be in the Koran for it to be widely accepted by Muslims as religious duty. For example, khitan (male circumcision) is not mentioned in the Koran, nor is female genital mutilation.
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