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  1. Totally agree, beer bars is for newbees who like to listen to barlady 1000 questions or play Othello game the whole night. I remember they asked me those questions in 1990, are they still learning from the same "How to get to know a falang" book? The first barlady i met 30 years ago asked me: "you hab girlfriend me?" What she was trying to ask was: "Do you have a girlfriend" And all of them where saying "same same" all the time. "Same same you, same same me, same same Thailand". I still don't have a clue what they try to express.
  2. Keep them closed until Covid-19 is gone. Beer bar owners in Pattaya have been ripping off customers for decades with overpriced bar fines, lady drinks, double tabs and you name it. The longer they close the better for beer bar "addicts" who spend all they'r money on that <deleted>.
  3. You are so right, covid-19 the the biggest lie in this century. I only wish people can wake up and protest against it.
  4. Only if you have a Thai wife, another way to force single falangs who want to grow weed into marriage.
  5. No cancellation, Thailand is surrounded by enemies, they are ready to attack if Prayut Chan-o-cha cancel submarines and tanks orders. And more importantly for Thais "to loose face". The new thai slogan: "We are the most powerful country in SEA"
  6. This bad news will have a huge impact on the Thai stock market! Let's watch the SET index when it opens today, after this news I would guess a 5 to 10% fall if not more.
  7. Walking street, the new hub for shopping anything but sex! First step to get rid of prostitutes in Pattaya?
  8. Send the Culture minister to a mental institution as soon as possible. Stupid propose, are thai people celebrating that they are out of jobs, have no money and no water in the reservoirs.
  9. Yes, hurry up before they withdraw the offer. (sounds more like another scam to me)
  10. Thanks for sharing your flight schedule mate. Good to know that you have everything organized with all details and sharing this useful info with the TV community.
  11. Sound like a good idea to get VIP falang customer who can afford a price 10X Bangkok Marriot Hotel. My guess on room rate 50.000 THB.
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