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  1. Basically it means if you have money invested in Thailand and/or proof of supporting a thai GF and her family all is good. You are of no use to Thais living and spending money on yourself.
  2. Assaulting wife who wants to go back to Thailand, lying to children that mother have left him for another guy, familiar with the location where she was found dead. Seems like they have enough to arrest him for questioning.
  3. The TV investigation squad or desktop detectives are wrong in 99.9% of they'r cases, nothing to worry about.
  4. Calm down, just another accusation that the truckdriver caused the accident, wait a few more hours and the TV desktop detectives will solve this case.
  5. Agree, many unanswered questions here, time for TV desktop detectives to sharpen the pencil and get to work.
  6. I guess bribing BIB is out of the question? Anyway the accident or murder happened in England so Thai police cannot arrest him without a warrant.
  7. With help from TV bar stool detectives I am convinced that this old murder case will be solved before the bar closes.
  8. I think this is his first time behind the wheel and he survived so no need for him to learn how to drive and make a drivers license. I am surprised how a country with motorists without any kind of driving skills don't have more accidents.
  9. Another result of driving and loading a pickup with zero skills. How about a strong rope to secure the bike to the pickup. Is safety to much to ask Thai drivers?
  10. This case is far from solved by our famous TV detectives, probably they'r all busy on the local bar stool solving global problems.
  11. Install online car cams with GPS and speed alert when the driver don't keep the limit is the only way to reduce accidents like this.
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