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  1. She's using an agent. I've posted the name on the other topic link that you provided.
  2. Thanks @trappedinasia. My girlfriend has decided to use an agency and send her passport to the Bangkok immigration office. She was told this morning by Jomtien immigration that they wouldn't be able to do it there. Something about not being able to access her records on the computer due to her previous stamp being issued originally at Bangkok. Sounds like a total cop out to me, but she's not waiting until October 29 to see if they change their stance.
  3. For those wondering which agency my girlfriend is using in Pattaya to send her passport via, it's called Cha Passport & Visa. I hope this info is helpful to those that are struggling to come up with a solution to their stamp extension dilemma. This isn't a recommendation, nor is it a promotion. I simply asked my girlfriend which agency she was using to sort out her extension stamp problem by and this was her response.
  4. My Laos girlfriend who is living in Jomtien has just informed me that she went to their immigration building today and was told that she had to go back to Bangkok where she got her previous stamp from. Something to do with their computers couldn't process it. I admit the info is a little vague but that's what she just told me. She said she's sending it via an agency to guarantee the new passport stamp.
  5. So far, I'm hearing from a few people in Pattaya that they're having difficulty in obtaining another stamp extension to their existing one that expires at the end of this month for free. Can anyone validate this, or are other people going to Jomtien Immigration and getting their free visa extension stamp (having paid previously before Sept 26) without any problems?
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