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  1. Neeray, I would love to see Thanathorn as the leader of Thailand. For once, Thailand could stand tall and proud on the international stage with a man possessed of those sterling qualities as prime minister. He is intelligent, articulate, well educated, progressive, humane, just and democratic - everything his opponents are NOT! But I fear that the people will not sufficiently support him and that the Military will not allow Thanathorn to gain any kind of real power in any case. Not at this time. One day, however - maybe; one day ....
  2. We all know it's a foregone conclusion. No suspense or doubt in any of this. Prayut (or at the very least the Military) will continue to rule Thailand with a draconian hand. Sadly, I do know quite a number of Thais who like Prayut and who support his regime (but it is certainly not the majority). I'm tempted to say: 'Well, you let it happen, Thais, and are still letting it happen'. But people always criticise me for that sentiment. So instead I'll wring my hands and whisper behind my fingers and say: 'There is nothing the Thais can do. Absolutely nothing. It's not their fault. The military have got guns, you see? Nothing to be done. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Oh- let's go and play Facebook now and send some photos of our latest meal. After all, there is NOTHING that the nearly 70 million Thais can do about ANY of what is happening in Thailand. No - they have no responsibility for any of it at all. They cannot do a thing. Don't blame them. They have no part in any of it .... .....!'
  3. What a joke - consulting a Thai lawyer (and this one was clearly a genius, judging by his astute comments). I have on occasion said to Thai law students: 'Don't you think it's rather strange and pointless - studying Law when Thailand is a completely lawless land?' They never see my point. They are so brainwashed, they really believe that Thailand abides by law. If only ...
  4. The police will never rectify this very, VERY annoying problem, as they themselves frequently ride their motorbikes on the pavements in BKK. I've seen it often. Trying to be a pedestrian (a 'walker') in BKK is a very unpleasant experience (and I used to enjoy walking for miles in my homeland and native capital city). The worst aspect of it all here is these damned motorbikes that suddenly drive up from behind you and whizz past you - on the pavement. You can never relax when walking on a BKK pavement - you risk life and limb! BKK must be one of the most pedestrian-unfriendly cities in the world.
  5. No. Because the Friday night broadcast is not political, it is not biased - it is wholly objective and solely for the good of the nation. It is also immensely riveting: everyone drops whatever they are doing at that moment and rushes to watch it. Richard, you really should know these things by now!
  6. What pathetic, cringe-making 'defenders of freedom of expression' these three organisations are. They might as well just come out and say: 'Don't write or broadcast anything critical of the government. After all, you know they have our best interests at heart. You know they have instituted rules for the common good and for universal fairness. Don't fail to follow those wise and just rules in your reporting - you know that those rules are all for the good of our country. Do as the Grown-Ups tell you to do. Don't cause confusion or difference of viewpoint'. Again - pathetic, pusillanimous bunch. With friends like these, who (in the journalism profession) needs enemies?! (I expect they went to the NBTC all dressed up in their children's clothes - as they did once before on a memorable occasion before Prayut ...).
  7. Thailand's 'culture' is all about show - glitter, pretence, shiny colours (look at their pretty temples), externalities - and utterly empty (if not filthily corrupt) inside ....
  8. Yes - but it seems that these days nothing, absolutely NOTHING, will provoke the Thais (unless you took Facebook and Line away from them, of course!).
  9. I could say so, so much - about despicable, craven, sub-human cowards and bullies. But I won't. We all know it already anyway.
  10. Can you imagine the debate? I can. It might go something like this: Opponent: Sir, can you justify the suppression of universally recognised human and civil rights at the hands of a military junta that lacks any internationally recognised raison d'etre? P. : What do you want? Do you want a bad man to return to Thailand and cause trouble again? Do you want chaos? Do you want Thailand to lose its freedom, world respect and record number of grateful tourists? Do you have no respect for your betters? Do you want a punch in the face ...?!!!!!'
  11. If I said what I really think about any Western nation co-operating and collaborating with this military - I would be banned for life! I was not born yesterday: I don't believe for one second all the propaganda that is churned out about any of this. Do people really think these marvellous militaries are the world's saving Godsend? I for one do not!
  12. One of the best summations (above) of official Thai 'culture' I have ever read here. Brilliantly and accurately stated, Fex Bluse. Morality and ethics are nothing here (except in empty verbiage). 'Might is right' prevails amongst the fake 'elites' again and again and again.
  13. I think that story is true (military+Munich). The journalist who initially broke it is generally very reliable (and was so on the candidacy of a certain person - before last Friday even arrived). That journalist did NOT report the fake news of the replacement of the military chiefs.
  14. Yes. I've said for years and years to my brother back in Europe that Thailand is like a living Carry On film (but without the lovable humour!).
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