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  1. What about the rest of the countries that cancel visas at the border ... should we all have faux outrage about them too?
  2. What word ... that they've finally been pulled up for gaming the system?
  3. Unless they have less than 5 condos as I understand it.
  4. I was going to throw in bigoted as well, but didn't want to upset anyone 555
  5. Why on earth would any Thai, or anyone from any other nation for that fact that copped as much <deleted> as Thais do on this forum, care about the bitter, twisted, whinging, misogynistic old farts and self entitled whinging arrogant millennials that make up far too much of the membership of this site?
  6. Yes, lets just have one boring homogeneous sterile planet ... at least it will be safe
  7. As I understand it, it's 800K each (for first two people) then discounted to 300K for any other family members.
  8. Oh come on, at least a handful of the previous posts on this thread where worth a read.
  9. Ahhh, the good old days at Bossy in Bangkok (or was it Spicy?) ... funnily enough never once saw anyone actually hand their gun over
  10. No, he's saying if the Thai girl is still in touch with her husband to ask him about divorce laws in SA
  11. A piece of <deleted> mobile app for connecting to various forums.
  12. They don't "force" anything, but some people are dumb enough to sign papers without thinking of the ramifications
  13. Haven't you noticed the "West" isn't as important as it once was?
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