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  1. The pedestrian should have swung his arm out and hooked the rider by his neck and drag him off the bike and then proceeded to beat him to death.
  2. Yes, that Thai's think of themselves first, which is why this society of me-first people feels like a failed social experiment. Corruption from peasants/serfs all the way up to high government officials (Basically accepted by all), a perverted form of Buddhism that worships money and material things, people who care nothing about safety (yours or theirs), then add in the typical emotionally-adolescent adult males and you have a recipe for failure/disaster.
  3. Usually the choice they make is to pull into a LEFT TURN ONLY LANE and pass illegally at warp-speed to cut off all the straight traffic, usually right in front of a Police Box where the RTP are busy playing with the traffic lights.
  4. My driving doesn't upset me at all, its the idiot Thai's who shouldn't even be on the road that are upsetting, not to mention a danger to everyone around them. When God was passing out brains, these idiot male Thai's were in the line collecting Amulets instead.
  5. I grew up on the rough side of town, if I wasn't playing so nice while here for my family, I might be considered one the bad guys they want gone.
  6. So the license and insurance makes him a better driver?! If he's gone for a couple of years, I call that a win!
  7. If I kick the motorcyclist over while he is trying to hit me, then walked over and punched his lights out while throwing his keys down the nearest storm drain, would that be considered assault or self-defense?
  8. I'd rather they put the motorcycle driver in jail for a couple of years, and take his license for life.
  9. The "me, me, me attitude" is pretty much the mental disorder in question, its a Me First mentality, even if it makes no sense. I can be a 100 yards from stopping at a red light, and only one car behind me, that driver behind me has to quickly cut around me and get in front.....at a red light?!?! Waiting until they are feet from a highway exit, then quickly cut the wheel from the MIDDLE lane to cutoff cars exiting from the proper lane?!?! Changing multiple lanes at warp-speed in heavy traffic (just to get one car ahead?), and not even consider using blinkers?!?! I really don't want to die because of an ignorant/arrogant Thai driver with the brains of a fruit fly, who can't even figure out his own life is in danger, let alone everyone else around him.
  10. I want my own personal house cleaning slave, 360 baht per days sounds good to me.
  11. I would have kicked the bike over myself, surprised the motorcycle even tried running the guy over, one kick from the pedestrian and the bike would be wrapped around a tree or pole.
  12. Typical, I also enjoy when they drive like NASCAR drivers, that they draft as close as possible the car in front, knowing (or in their case oblivious) to the fact that a mini-van with 15 people on-board can't possibly stop when riding 2 feet from the bumper in front of them.
  13. You have to wonder, are the Generals and Officers so incompetent they can't do their job without help, so they need more of them?
  14. Just the next General inline to grab power and join the gravy train, maybe he even has a halfwit friend with a watch fetish.
  15. Send me 400K and I'll hold onto it for you in a Thai bank account, then I can go spend my 400k whatever way I want
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