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  1. Yes, we'll have to agree to disagree then. The truck driver was clearly swinging out LONG BEFORE THE CAR EVEN GOT TO THAT POINT, and when no traffic was around, notice there are no cars for quite a distance in front of that car, who knows what was behind the car. "Patience"? Yes, the car driver should have shown some, rather than speed up and fly into the shoulder to do the typical Thai Kamikaze flyby. As far as Canada Highway patrol or police in the US, thats your opinion, not fact.
  2. You have to go to Nonthaburi Immigration office, same as I do, at least its a new facility with much more room in it!
  3. Yes, please watch the video again! The truck is already out across the other lane, making a wide turn like trucks and buses do, most people in Western countries know this maneuver and slow down knowing a large vehicle needs room to make that swing. But hey, like they say, when in Rome (Thailand), act like the other nitwits on the road. And I am watching the video and can clearly see what the driver is seeing, so saying its not quite visible to the driver is BS! Watch the right gauge on his cluster, its either boost, or RMP, but clearly goes up (not down) when he approaches the truck, he knew the truck was there and then pushed his luck trying to squeeze the gap.
  4. The truck driver was already WAY out in the road before the car ever got there, and you can see the car speed up and head for the shoulder, so no....not buying that, but try again.
  5. ocddave

    TAT shows foreign visitors by the numbers

    I would love to the see the chart that shows who spends more money while in Thailand, just because 10 million Chinese come, doesn't mean they spend more than say 1-2 million people from Western Countries.
  6. He stops in the driving lane without any warning, then reverses, without putting his Emergency lights on, and only turns them on after he gets close to the families front bumper. I am sure they were confused as to what he was doing, because as we all know Thai's typically have no driver training, and act and drive like 10 year olds.
  7. From what I can see, the truck was making a wide turn (not unusual for trucks or buses), but it's pretty obvious to see, so why didn't the car driver slow down when seeing this? Looks like typical bad driving alright, like typical Thai me first mentality, and squeeze threw at mach 1 speed.