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  1. I trained the 531 deep squat program for a year. I went from 190 lb max to 310 lb max. I had no muscle soreness, my energy was good, and my mood was fine. Then, suddenly, the aches started, fatigue set in, sex drive vanished, and my mood was sh@t. I did not "listen to my body", so I kept training; consequently, my power vanished, and the aches turned into constant pain. Now I am waiting until all the pain is gone. Then I will start training light sets of 8. What shocked me was how quickly the decline started.
  2. Jomtien has a disproportionate gay population.
  3. Over training? "Your body speaks to you - listen to it." 0.25 mg of generic Arimidex (Anastrozole ) every 2nd day will raise test' levels. Rea search the effects of test' therapy on the HPTA.
  4. Go to a recommended shop. I had my mother board rewritten for 1500 baht. Another time, I had my laptop problem diagnosed, and Windows 7 installed - for 300 baht.
  5. Those newly escaped arrived from the West could be relieved to be chatting with a gal who has not been exposed to Feminist Groupthink .
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