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  1. I just talked to my brother who is a long term AA member. He recommended AA's 20 questions: TWENTY QUESTIONS - Could I be an Alcoholic? http://www.aascv.org/index.php/find-help/20-questions
  2. I want it on the record that I am a firm supporter of topless equality!
  3. "Note to self: Do not make naughty comments." "Note to self: Do not make naughty comments." "Note to self: Do not make naughty comments."
  4. I need to accept that great big invisible hands will grab me and pull me into naughty massage parlors. I do not struggle because I know that this is Gods will.
  5. An elderly woman was killed by 6 pitbulls - not German shepherds, rottweilers, or dobermans. I have had my own dog pack that obeyed my commands, I was consoled by them when my Mother died [they sensed my pain] I have befriended massive German shepherds that lived on a Cambodian beach, and I have owned a 150 pound Akita. These were all balanced dogs. Once in a while, the male shepherd would growl when I was getting too much attention from the other dogs, but this was remedied with extra attention and snacks. My point being that I know, and love, dogs; however, some dogs have a vicious streak [in fact, a pack of such killed my beloved Scrappy.] If this streak can not be trained out of them, then - sadly - they should be euthanized. Vicious pitbulls are exceptionally dangerous because: http://thetruthaboutpitbulls.blogspot.com/2012/06/locking-jaws.html?m=1
  6. RIP. If you want loyalty and protection, then get Akitas. They can break a pitbull's back by locking their jaws and shaking their heads. In ancient Japan, they were used for hunting bears.
  7. After 5 days of wearing a 3M mask outdoors, I took a short walk without one. The air smelled like smoke and car exhaust. I can only assume that my prior constant unprotected exposure desensitized my respiratory system because I could not smell the pollution before wearing a mask.
  8. This is not journalism. It is a speculation based editorial.
  9. The beach looks like an old folks home. In-fact, after multiple exposures to grannies wearing one piece bathing suits, I sunk into a deep depression; however, I was restored to sanity after a great big invisible hand reached out from soi 6 - and pulled me to safety.
  10. Imagine the feelings of fear, helplessness, and horror that the victims experienced. RIP
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