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  1. I would stock up in Pattaya because - a: health security, and b: I would save a fair bit of cash. I bet the elderly lady at 'Tim's' pharmacy would make a nice bulk deal. If I was flying to CM, I would bring my doctor's prescription because some security officials have been known to seize improperly 'documented' medicines.
  2. Did it sound like two massive objects repeatedly smashing together? That is what I recall from the Bay Area Quake.
  3. I felt it whilst lying on the couch in the Cm Gate area. I was in the 1989 Bay Area quake, so I quickly realized that it was - albeit small - a tremor.
  4. I have a pair of black shorts that are too loose; consequently, I put a piece of string between two belt loops - which I pulled tight, then tied. The string is white; however, I do not know if it matches.
  5. Looks good on the filthy animal. In fact, I hope that he gets pulverized.
  6. Many major Thai Cinema chains made the mistake of renting space to Bennie's Bean Buffet.
  7. The truth! Vegetarians can't handle the truth! Hippo fart sounds like a Chain saw (TRY NOT TO LAUGH) - YouTube.mp4
  8. These are a good deal: http s://th.iherb.com/pr/Now-Foods-Sports-Men-s-Extreme-Sports-Multi-180-Softgels/49050 [Remove space between http s:]
  9. https://www.bing.com/search?q=recover+data+from+reel+to+reel+tape&qs=n&form=QBRE&sp=-1&pq=recover+data+from+reel+to+reel+tape&sc=1-35&sk=&cvid=8AD728D9555049CA99B9E80120E4C9AA Alternatively, a layman could project the tape on a screen, then film it with a good camera phone. Subsequently, one could process the recording with a video enhancing program.
  10. Yesterday, I asked a well established visa agent. He said that there is no impending requirement for health insurance when renewing an extension based on retirement.
  11. Groupthink* can cause conformity: Irving Janis described the eight symptoms of groupthink: Invulnerability. Members of the group share an illusion of invulnerability that creates excessive optimism and encourages taking abnormal risks. Rationale. ... Morality. ... Stereotypes. ... Pressure. ... Self-censorship. ... Illusion of Unanimity. ... Mind Guards. The Trump-Russian Collusion hysteria was a prime example of Thaivisa groupthink. Any praise of President Trump was met with intense vitriol - which was accepted as being the norm. * https://corporatefinanceinstitute.com/resources/careers/soft-skills/groupthink-decisions/
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