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  1. "What was good was I kept my hands low, palms out in a pacifying manner. I never pointed a finger or raised my voice but I did manage to keep a SMILE. HAHA." Your restraint helped to defuse a potentially violent situation. Hurt pride is preferable than a trip, for either or both of you, to the hospital. The old saying "he hasn't had his ass whoopings yet" is apropos.
  2. I was shown an 1100 baht 10ML vial 11 days ago - at Tims. All I can say is that my gym bros have been buying 10ML test e vials from from Tims for years, and I have never heard them complain. The Pharmacy that is a few doors down from Peera sells 10ML vials. I am blessed with naturally high test, so I rarely supplement. Cheers.
  3. "Dost she hath a weenie, or dost she not hath a weenie - that is the question!"
  4. 'Tim's' Pharmacy, Which is owned by said "elderly lady", is in Pattaya, and it is the 'go to' place. Identical 10 CC bottles of Test E are 1100 baht at Tims, and 1600 baht at the pharmacy a few shops down from Peera.
  5. I would stock up in Pattaya because - a: health security, and b: I would save a fair bit of cash. I bet the elderly lady at 'Tim's' pharmacy would make a nice bulk deal. If I was flying to CM, I would bring my doctor's prescription because some security officials have been known to seize improperly 'documented' medicines.
  6. Did it sound like two massive objects repeatedly smashing together? That is what I recall from the Bay Area Quake.
  7. I felt it whilst lying on the couch in the Cm Gate area. I was in the 1989 Bay Area quake, so I quickly realized that it was - albeit small - a tremor.
  8. I have a pair of black shorts that are too loose; consequently, I put a piece of string between two belt loops - which I pulled tight, then tied. The string is white; however, I do not know if it matches.
  9. Looks good on the filthy animal. In fact, I hope that he gets pulverized.
  10. Many major Thai Cinema chains made the mistake of renting space to Bennie's Bean Buffet.
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