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  1. Over 20 years this has been going on Farang teachers more and more every year, yet still Thais cannot speak English. The problem is obvious, they never use English, Conversational English is not taught, just books and reading, what a waist of time its all been
  2. What A prat these army guys in suites really second level
  3. All very true The Yellow shirts, the elite in Thailand never wanted Farangs, now they will suffer, The Chinese will swallow Thailand, and the Thai Military will love it. When you eat with the Devil, use a very long spoon
  4. yes we all dream and remember the Thailand of 25 >. 30 years ago, gone now
  5. No dont, fly with them dont, go on a boat with them, dont go on a bus with them, dont ride a bike with them, go another country is safest
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