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  1. I would join the motorcycle men if I was at the place. Grab , increasing prices steadily after Uber has left the market, deserves some beating.
  2. Ordering a specific whiskey is especially challenging in the Soi 6 bars these days. Not less than three girls are needed to somehow understand my request. It is not a question of knowledge, though. It is a way of solving problems which sucks. There is always a menu available which could be produced to the customer. But that is not an Isaan way. Ask, then ask again and again. Then call your friend (with the same level of erudition). Then a third friend gets involved and in most cases the problem gets sorted out at this point.
  3. The government. But I can understand why the ruling elite is not willing to change this and many other aspects of Isaan "culture". Let them drink alcohol, drive motorbikes, play lottery, have sex starting at the age 13 , engage in prostitution and other similar activities as much as they wish and they will not challenge the rulers any time soon. Guaranteed. Will they (Lao people of Isaan) ever be able to help themselves? Not in the near future.
  4. I even think that ,if not Buddhism restrictions, those tribal people from Isaan would bury the guy together with his beloved motorbike (at least with what was left from it).
  5. I don't. I blame stupidity, lack of education, alcohol driving. This specific motorbike, placed on a funeral photo, symbolizes it all.
  6. I would certainly ban it IN THAILAND for the young men under 25 y.o. My analogy with heroin is perfectly fine.
  7. What is the difference? Driving 150-200 km/h with the brain fool of ethanol is really different from taking drugs? It is even worse since the drunk idiot is also risking other people’s lives.
  8. And regarding my ‘culture’ and views: when and if my young son will tell me that he is going to buy a big bike - I will do my best to discourage him. And when another brainless teen will smash his head on the big bus - I will show those pictures to my son as a proof why motorbike is a bad choice for him. And you guys, blaming me for not understanding the Thai way, you may do Exactly the opposite. You are so “open-minded” that you seem not to be able to tell cultural things from the right out stupidity.
  9. Let’s imagine that he died from heroine overdose. And we all know how those addicts love heroine - more than their mothers and even their life. So what - let’s place some of the substance on his grave? Or maybe a photo of the guy in the state of happiness right after injection?
  10. to Moonlover: With this kind of statistics why nothing is done to change situation? From my example above it seems like many people in this society accept these accidents as a part of normal life.
  11. Recently a friend of friend of mine has been killed in a motorcycle accident (in Isaan). Something which happens in Thailand every single day. It was a young man (boy) who has just bought Yamaha bike 6 months ago. Took him some time to save 100 k baht. But what really impressed me about this case was what followed the accident. First, I followed the man’s Facebook page. Many of his friends and relatives expressed their condolences on it. Almost half of these posts contained a photo of the dead guy with the motorbike he died driving on. Even more, there were photos of the guy, motorbike and empty beer bottles. And the ‘best’ one was published by his , probably former, girlfriend: she and him on the riding bike with a bottle of beer situated between them. Then there was a funeral. On the big, probably buddhist, pedestal there was a big picture of the killed guy. Guess what else was on the photo? Yes , the same Yamaha killer-motorbike in full view. Now I wonder what kind of culture is this? How do they view the world? And do these people ever try to learn from their mistakes?
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