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  1. I'm pretty much the same except I have had a home and wife here for a decade plus. I didn't have a long stay visa as I've been a Singapore resident for a couple of years so just popped over for the occasional weekend. Fortunately I was back and briefly working here as they closed the borders - supposed to leave the next day. Still getting paid.. I hope extending is straightforward or the company sends me off again.
  2. They are now. {They were assembled in the Ranong plant by Volvo.} Edit - you're quite correct apparently. Gets a bit confusing as they shared plants with both Ford and Mitsubishi here. I think now all production is in Malaysia. Pretty sure there was one in Ranong..!
  3. She was getting ripped off. My mechanic, a certified Bosch agent in Phuket, specialises in foreign cars, I saw 2 Bentleys in his shop in the last couple of weeks and charges so little I've no idea, after using him for over 5 years, what his hourly rate is. In the US it's all about the labour cost but you can run decent cars here cheaply as labour is so low. The most expensive things we had done was a replacement gearbox on a Volvo S70 a couple of years ago for 25,000 baht, second-hand gearbox but still runs perfectly; he sourced a rare 200bhp engine (all the way from Sweden!) for a V40 t4 with a cracked block a while back and fitted it for, with lots of other work done, under 50,000 baht. Your friend could probably get that AC compressor from Lazada for around 10,000 baht - just looked for 30 seconds and found an S class one for 11,400bt. Fitting and gassing should be just a couple of k.
  4. My Volvos, both over 250,000km, and petrol engined, were both assembled in Ranong. Best value for money out there, drive like new and tough as old boots. Faster than Somchai's 3-litre diesel pickup/SUV/minibus too.. Oh, and I get parts from Lazada.
  5. Yes, and what about flight delays? They could end up refusing a whole flight if all the passengers' certificates are pushed past 72 hours since issue ! Unless the deadline ends upon boarding the first flight of the journey, which is likely to be dependant on how the relevant official feels probably. There's going to be all sorts of palaver.
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