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  1. Same, my wife and I have Huawei's: P20 pro and Mate 10 and they are easily the best phones I've come across. Both were bought secondhand for way less than 50% of their new prices, both within months of their launch, quite common in Singapore where people change them like underwear. Had both for well over a year and no intention of replacing either. Had Samsung phones and a tablet, all of which were regretted. I cannot get my head round why anyone would want to spend 35k baht on a phone either: bizarre. As is the OP moaning about a 7k online purchase she had warranty issue with after losing the
  2. I have lived in Kata for 10 years and like it here. The beach is easily the best on Phuket - I started in Bang Tao then Kamala but Kata is way less expensive and more pleasant. Agreed that it's less residential than Rawai and Chalong but that also makes it more relaxed. Not expensive at all, I don't think. There's not much in the way of girly bar sois but there are some, and Chalong/Rawai has plenty of that, if that's your thing - not for me. Plenty of decent places to drink and eat otherwise, or play pool and watch sports etc and it's quite central too - close to Villa Mart/HomePro, 2 Makros,
  3. That has to be the most idiotic comment I have ever come across on social media.
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