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  1. i've never lived there, nor do i have friends there
  2. I count only two rhetorical questions so much for your credibility
  3. Often times a real estate company will put an unrealistic LOW price on a piece of real estate and refuse listings at a market prices to make it appear that they can move inventory quickly. I'm not saying this is the case but anybody can sell apples at a penny an apple. It takes a salesperson to sell them at market price when other merchants are selling the same product at the same price. sitting in an office waiting for a client to stumble on your website and show interest is not selling in my opinion. Few agencies actually promote their products and generate interest
  4. I find Hang Dong fetching to get to Baan Tawaai only. It is a haven for middle to lower class expats who aren't positive that they've made the right choice about moving to Thailand. It's kind of a stew for sheep like people who love to say that they are expats but live in human plankton like farang ghettos. It's the kind of place for instance that if it were in the states it would house a 9 to 5 worker with 10 credit cards ALL maxed out and has 2.5 children and a wife going to seed at 35 yrs old
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