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  1. Arrested for having leaves of a tree growing naturally...... wonder how much money this bust cost ?
  2. No , just a digital photo of his passport for verification. But he will need an address for the card to be posted to in the uk ...
  3. As far as I'm aware quarantine in the UK would be self quarantine if you have an address to give otherwise it's a hotel at your expense . Lots of flights leaving Suvarnabhumi every sunday to the UK with Eva I think the airlines called . So if desperate this would be a no brainer . You could use the refunded ticket to come back when all your business is sorted .
  4. Social distancing and the sex industry are hard to make compatible, however. "I can provide alcohol gel or temperature checks," said 38-year-old Jittra Nawamawat, one of BarBar's founders. "But staying one metre apart is impossible. Comical
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