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  1. Put number in Google & Facebook searches - OSINT Call it or have someone call. Delivery depot, but package wet cannot see address and name, only number. If it gets really bad order a McDonald's or KFC or pizza and explain your phone dying and to use your friends phone number for store to contact you. They may input the number and then maybe they will want to confirm the name/address connected to number if the number has been used on their systems before, they normally do that.
  2. He has flourished he played 32 pl games. He never did that in his old club and he is sorely missed and anyone sorely missed in our team is doing well. There is no ok players in the team anymore barring lovren and hendo.
  3. Listen it's not about you not winning anything you need to get past a semi to do that. Now look it's not my fault you ain't had a Valentine's card since spurs last won the league so wind your neck in Hertfordshire boy
  4. Ok then so you both realise you need to resort to this as you both get schooled on your own club. Carmine you need to get up early to keep up with me. Aconn (snigger) your a substitute son an unused one. If you was a condom you'd be out of date.
  5. Does not matter he never sold them so he clearly wanted them. Guess Gazaniga Foyth Sanchez Wanyama Son Llorennteeee Alli Alderweireld
  6. I don't need you or anyone to agree with me if you can't see the business side of things at play then your not too clued up about your club. All your top former players were nailed to long term contracts prior to big sales. It's a good model I don't see how it would be any different for a manager.
  7. Blatant difference. You had a good team together for 4 years. Klopp team was 75% assembled last season and is now 100%. We sold major players to build the team so klopp a lot further down the road than pochetino in a much shorter space of time in terms of a complete team. I'm not discussing winning things with spurs cos as good as you performed last night you ain't winning nothing. Semis and 3rd.
  8. Was not backed properly until last season when we sold coutinho. This year is 100% a klopp team. Your team has been pretty much pochetino team from day 1. Big difference.
  9. For the right price. And let's be clear everyone has a price and I can't see spurs holding onto Kane if 200m comes in. Clock is ticking on that kind if fee end of this or next season or that fee starts diminishing
  10. The statement is done for a reason and you should know this. It's called maximum value and is the specialty of your chairman. Same reason with the contract and the contracts likely include clauses with regards to public comments too.
  11. That spurs cannot match his ambition and he actually wants to win something.
  12. You just never know these argies are impulsive sometimes and another semi final exit could tip the scales.
  13. So can anyone conform if legitimising a child can be done whilst overseas? Sorry about the problems you are facing. Hope you find answers and solutions to these hurdles.
  14. Performances like that will have you cruising to the semis.
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