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  1. We're they really your thoughts or did the TV commentators make them. How anyone could question Sancho based on the season he's had and growing speculation regarding future transfers.
  2. 6000 baht delivered to khon Kaen. Six thousand
  3. Awful packaging. Looks like half a cream egg and the old packaging was better.
  4. That's exactly what's been happening. £ dived again via superrich but I'm not fretting I think it will hit 42.5 within the next 2 week's but I'm willing to listen to any sound minded reasons why I should wait for 45 and an ETA?
  5. Those twix you mention are single twix I think. One stick twix's. I've been on these choco pies about a month and brought them in 3 locations at big C in kranuan, kalasin & khon Kaen. They do seem smaller but I'm certain they are tastier. Wagon wheels were never all that but these Thai ones and packing a punch flavourwise. 29 baht for 6 but I reckon they will be 25 baht soon. Seems like a choco pie war going on with the vendors. Looks like a hit product and taste like one too.
  6. I'm not sure if wagon wheels are still around in the West but recently I have spotted an explosion of Thai brand wagon wheel style chocolate pies in Big C and they are very tasty and available in a range of flavours. Really nice sweet snack, takes you back but I cannot remember WW being so God Damn tasty.
  7. Gotogate Momondo Farecompare Cheapflights If your looking for a deal you gotta check all sites rigorously.
  8. Understand about the Laos angle but the cost to go over is 1500 baht and you are limited to two a year of I'm not mistaken. Be great if you could do as many as you like but I don't think that's the case.
  9. Not sure where this comes from but the Thai biz I see are operating well and seem fairly long term. I've seen a few disasters don't get me wrong but on the whole I see a lot of longevity. Especially specialist one dish stalls. Weird thing I've noticed round by me is 2 family marts shut down within a 3km of each other. Noodle shops - I think these guys kill it. 250 x 40 baht a day with 2 staff. My local beef noodle shop is a prime example but the H&wife team know the score. Appear very humble, always have stock and always have that beef cooling, creating that tasty smell. Easy 250 serves a day in their location. But they are on it 7-8 hours a day every day.
  10. Couple of observations since the new rules came into play and just wondering if anyone else is seeing a bit of an exodus or signs of one? Drive past a bar each evening and for forever have always seen 4-5 farang 50+ lads having a beer together. This last month I spot the same guy sitting there on his own 2-3 times a week. The sell your stuff website bahtsold. Seeing a 20% increase in adverts locally when select all categories and location. Properties in North East being put up for sale at what appear to be good prices to sell fast. This website also appears to be taking a hit.
  11. This guy does seem like the real deal but maybe a bit early for him to get the top job. Hope I'm wrong as this guy seems very international friendly.
  12. I think restaurants need to diversify from one location to survive. Not all can do this but some can go mobile and cash in on the walking street type trade. Italian food like lasagne and pastas are being sold at our sat market and they surprisingly do a roaring trade. It's noticeable, surprising as it's not even that good but it's a 45baht 7x7x4cm piece of lasagne. Burgers are killing it too on these markets as well as just chips with a cheesy sauce. The above appear to be mainstays of the market now. All these types of businesses keep their range pretty focussed.
  13. that's a lot of authorities on their case. The FA, UEFA, the PL and FIFa Quadruple is on
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