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  1. Very selfishly, I wouldn't mind another go with the military (either faction). The military have offered some extra budgets that have developed our area. Budgets made available that skip the steps they usually have to go through. For example, skipping the District Office, so less money is spread around directors and is put into the actual projects they are intended for. Of course, cuts have been taken, however, if you limit the number of people taking cuts then the total baht figure for the project at the end is higher. I am talking local government development. The local military tribunals have also helped limit local corruption for many Thais. Of course, corruption is still happening at the top in a big way, and human rights abuses are still happening. But it wasn't a whole lot different in Thailand with democratically elected leaders either...especially for different minority groups. They are all similar, just commit corruption and human rights abuses in slightly different ways. We are basing our extreme hated for the military on this idea that democracy is the perfect system? Isn't the current world trend starting to move away from democracy? I think so conversations do not hit brick walls, people should just comment on policy and potential for future development. As all sides are the same, this 'fatty army official is corrupt' becomes a pretty boring and irrelevant statement, as even with fair elections it will be this 'fatty in a suit is corrupt'. Whereas if policy is critiqued to a greater level, then maybe the forum will not be as boring and we will get a better insight into how different policy actually impacts members. Like I said, my opinion is a purely selfish one that benefits my family and I in our immediate area. Our sub-district has gone from having no water, many places no electricity, or any real government offices. Now it has supply water, electricity, roads, street lights, dams and solar powered pumps made available to farmers, solar powered kindergarten, juvenile prison, rice research lab, markets, meeting places with exercise equipment and free WIFI.
  2. The Mrs and I just went to the dental department in Chaiyaphum Hospital a month or so ago. Have 6 or so dentists working and gave them a good and long clean (as no work needed to be done). Like with almost every government dealing in Chaiyaphum if you know anyone who works at the place you need to go then they will just book your number the night before so you can just go in and get it done without waiting too long. Was free for me (under Mrs benefits), but I think the invoice said around 500 baht from memory.
  3. It wouldn't matter if it is unacceptable within a national context if it is supported by certain people. Very possible for a coup to happen in the future. However, in the immediate future (coup rumours), I don't think it will happen. Prayuth and Apirat are still benefiting from each other enough, at least in the short term. Wait for any real major disagreement.
  4. Not strictly true. Before the princess came out trying to run there were scouts sent around our province (Issan) finding out who people were supporting. With the introduction of the elderly food card and the boost in new markets being built, solar panels for farm pumps etc, the junta weren't looking too bad.
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