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  1. you're joking aren't you?! the only thing keeping me here are the bum guns
  2. Indonesia? meh! check out Cambodia.. they know how to get it done!
  3. seems to me they came up with a solution that was win win for everyone - easy for us (show bank statements) and easy for them to verify (thai bank) i mean, we can't really expect them to know the statement format of every bank in the world!! many countries like thailand don't use roman numerals nevermind thai ones! (and for the record getting 12 statements sent over from abroad through the post is MUCH harder than you think - ask anyone trying to get their tilak over to the UK to confirm that, its been a pain in the ass for me i'm like 3 months behind already and 1 has gone missing!!) they could have just thrown us all under a bus and said 'not my problem' and demanded we all put 800K in the bank under the circumstances the solution is far from perfect but its certainly could have been worse
  4. yeah i feel the same - its just an appointment after all and the appointer(s) and attidudes haven't changed as far as i can see
  5. yeah but Thailand has Sangsom, Chang and Hong Thong! oh wait.. i have friends on the pacific coast of mexico too and they love it, say its similar to thailand but much better beaches
  6. actually they had a proper plan it was called a no deal brexit (just called brexit at the time) unfortunately our traiterous 'politicians' had other plans.
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