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  1. a couple of hundred kids mooching about with inflateable rubber ducks could threaten Chiang Mai's tourism recovery?! who's he trying to kid
  2. yeah you got trumped.. this was the classic "art of the deal" negotiation tactic: first contact lays out the worst case scenario and says no compromise (in your case no more extensions) second contact provides a compromise "solution" where both parties "win-win" little does the "mark" know the win-win was the goals all along.. nevermind mate. look on the brightside you got your extension!
  3. i'm sure they'll do another once they realize 100K "won't go homes" are "stranded" again lol
  4. key word being internally as in not externally thailand will have to do a lot of grovelling (probably involving sea ports and submarines) before that situation changes. i'd wager the chinese will be more than happy to watch one of their enemies allies twist in the wind just a little bit longer..
  5. did he have a windscreen? (not joking.. i've seen it all here!)
  6. yeah all true.. but at least he can remember what he had for breakfast this morning
  7. dont know about you guys but i religiously turn 'location services' off just to píss google off so i assume that'll break this app's tracker too lol
  8. i have a $.com visa card - not as 'cool' but i always know how much my dollars are worth in the morning..
  9. how out of touch are these people there's a perfectly good lure here already for single people - no merit required!
  10. i remember march this year. everything except markets and supermarkets closed. no alcohol for sale, schools closed, 10pm curfew, checkpoints, 20K fines for masks but most importantly NO ONE WORKING tourism or otherwise. personally i dont want that again. why does this writer think this time will be any different? did the virus change?
  11. even the chinese don't want to go where there's loads of other chinese
  12. i bet it would be a lot more beautiful if it was covered with a fraction of all that concrete
  13. silly question but.. did any of these idiots actually ask why someone would invest 31M to get a document that any backstreet lawyer could easily set up for 50K baht??!
  14. wow it really is that simple.. i just found 31M baht down the back of my sofa! hoo-rah!
  15. the first lesson i ever learned in business - "he who controls the customer controls the business" so the farmers could try putting the price up but the seller (in this case tesco et al) would just find alternative suppliers sucks i know. but as yet no-one has come up with a viable alternative that doesn't resemble a form of communism.
  16. ..and next time there is a long weekend many will say "<deleted> it" and stay at home they never learn.. once bitten twice shy.
  17. and that ladies and gentlemen sums up thai tourism for the foreseeable future.
  18. yeah of course they do maybe offer some classes on soi 6 - and see how they get on eh?
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