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  1. tried a bunch - xiaomi was the best for balance of effectiveness & value
  2. last week it was 2 weeks this week its 2 months next week its ???
  3. oh yeah, sorry! here ya go http://letmegooglethat.com/?q=richard+barrow wasn't that hard was it?
  4. yep, can see the future coming.. "vaccination?" yes "sinovac?" no, pfizer "CANNOT. sinovac only!" [..passes piece of paper slowly across table..] sigh.
  5. he's got more balls than most people on this forum thats for sure, and god bless him - he does a lot for us and at great risk to himself
  6. won't be taking my test at a private hospital.. just in case i test positive can you imagine the bill!
  7. ok.. lets do some maths.. 450,000,000 / 40,000,000 tourists = 11.25 baht so where does the other 289 baht go?! on the other hand.. 300 baht times times 0 tourist arrivals = oh, never mind
  8. weed infused tom yum was a family favorite from grandma for years according to the wife
  9. i drove past it with the wife.. glad i didn't have the window wound down
  10. good call playing it safe there Hoss.. ..cough.. should have bought 6 months ago
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