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    Government spokesman Thaweesin Visanuyothin said that a new order from the government has been implemented and has made it mandatory to socially distance, wear a mask, and to use a tracing application.

    Those who are found with Covid-19 and not using the tracing applications could face punishment by law.


    by law now. enjoy! yours sincerely, big brother.


    src: https://www.thaienquirer.com/22554/thailand-discovers-305-new-coronavirus-infections/



  2. 28 minutes ago, Jeffr2 said:

    Come on.  Just saying that since they don't test, they don't really know how many are infected.  They readily admit this themselves.


    Countries in the west are testing way more than what's done here.  Wonder why? 


    It's called the positivity rate.  Gives you a better idea of what's really going on...


    no you come on. they test a lot in the west because, derr, they have a lot of people with symptoms. MILLIONS.


    thailand has been covid free for 6 months! you can't just start testing whole villages or sois or moo bahns or whatever when there is no infection or track from. this isn't china! (well yet anyway).


    and when they do find a case? well, how many people did they test when that dj got it on khao san? 3000? all negative. and recently they tested a huge percentage of the migrants on phuket (with no justification i might add) all negative.


    i'd be the first to line up and be tested if there was a chance i had it or a track to, but i sure as <deleted> wouldn't if 50 tessaban turned up at the bottom of my soi and demanded tests from all of us with no justification.


    you think the thais would be any more passive?


    would anybody?


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