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  1. Captain Jack, Thank you for pointing out about how Thai women (and others) are objectified.. I never had any problems with Thai immigration (very kind) and my wife was of great assistance in getting me home-a very touch and go medical scenario... In return I applied for her to join me in my own country.The process went as smooth as silk (5 months) and she had her Medicare and Tax File Number within two weeks of arrival.There appears to be no stopping her now.. You made the decision which is right for you-as I did.Well done.
  2. Yes indeed.. Often that is part of the boast. "I smoke 20 cones a day..and drop some "Ice"-but I don't drink alcohol."
  3. "We have met the nutcases and they are us." The real dream..
  4. Yes it is a curse. It was in my village..and now it is in my home town,NSW,Australia. These zomboids are on a hair trigger. It is interesting discussing their past drug careers (in Australia)...almost without exception they started on hydroponic pot (yarndi,maryjane-call it what you will) lost the "buzz" and then went on to the meth or continued to use a combo of the two. Very different from the cocaine and heroin addicts of old.
  5. So..they should also remove Winston Churchill and the Bomber Command Memorial as well... Hard labour for the perpetrators might be a better solution.
  6. That's about it. The country is awash with it-as is Australia.
  7. "Risk management strategy" says it all. At the end of the day the medical risk became too great and I went home-tho' I have visited once as a tourist since. As I like my home country I had few difficulties settling back in.As I also like Thailand I will continue to visit (health permitting) on an irregular basis but will not make any further commitment to the country. Best of luck Captain Jack and all the best to you.
  8. The post that you are responding to is just another American (or those who aspire to be Alt right wing American)'libertarian' statement of dubious merit. They spend their lives denouncing their own nation's so called infringements on"liberty" but then rush off to an authoritarian,militaristic state and proudly proclaim that they have discovered "freedom". They have discovered nothing of the sort-they have merely chanced upon indifference-to their own rights or,indeed,anyone else's.
  9. So..if they ever go into battle against the cobras they may win. Not so lucky against the Burmese,Khmer,Laotians and Vietnamese but..there you go..
  10. A real man. Led 617 Squadron into action (600 men including ground crew) when less than 25 years of age. Crossed over the Mohne dam 4 times in the face of intense flak.
  11. Yes..but life is a perpetual caveat in Thailand-and as there is no Pavlovian reward for participating in the democratic process one would expect "extinction" to be the end product. Thus their going with the flow.. Unless you've got a Ukrainian main battle tank in your pocket.
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