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  1. I'm not perturbed by the Chinese..'tis the loons on the other side of the Pacific that worry me...
  2. Well...depends what the crises is.In event of a war (god forbid) you'd merely be a big white target.Expect internment at the very least tho'-come to think of it-why would the authorities even bother with that as a bullet is so much cheaper? It's only 80 years ago that that scenario played out in Asia..how quickly we forget.
  3. Why shouldn't we waste time? I hope that we are not back in Victorian times burdened by the "unforgiving minute"? It always reminds me of the large sign on prominent display at my local model railways club-"He who dies with the most trains wins!"
  4. Well done that man! ..and kudos to your staff as well.
  5. Actually it goes back to Revelations at the very least. Millenarianism whether it be in religious intellectual or political concepts has a very long tradition in the West. We have the "rapture" today..but the same thing,really-just John Calvin come out to play again.
  6. It seems that you are on the right track in seeking out information about professionals that may be of assistance to you and your wife. All the best in your quest and I hope that you find a good one.
  7. Well..Jehovah got in early and he has certainly been most persistent over time...
  8. An excellent post all up but can I point out that you guys are merely overlooking that excellent maxim "Do Not Feed the Bears." I believe that this quote comes from Sun Tzu 'The Art of Trekking in Yosemite' altho' others dispute this suggesting that it comes from..'The Art of the Internet' so popular in the 4th century BC Chinese kingdoms...
  9. Very likely.... I voted for the 2nd option even tho' I think that the Thai gov't will stick to the present rules for the immediate future.
  10. I couldn't put it any better than that. Perfectly apparent every day in my 10 years in Thailand.
  11. Now..that is quite possible. The old 2019 world (which everyone complained about because it was always about "me") may never come back. After all-you could hop on a plane back then whilst carrying the Bubonic Plague and no-one would bat an eyelid as personal responsibility was at a discount..
  12. Yes..a bit of a gigantic rhetorical flourish there I'm afraid as the population is 24 million-give or take a few..
  13. I don't think that Don Mega is a troll..however unpopular his views might be. As other folks have said-this is an "opinion" style forum and we can't all be Mr Popular. My view is that families being separated for long periods of time is not a good thing tho' it is surprising how resilient people can be in a crisis-it's a feature of the human condition. Hopefully things will start getting sorted out soon.
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