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  1. Interesting question.... As for complaining about my homeland-then it is no..why should I do so as it nurtured me,fed me,educated me and gave me gainful employment,a good pension,excellent superannuation and healthcare? Also it is very aesthetically beautiful.I rather like the Thai people and culture too..but that's it.
  2. Hi Jinghthing, I was being light heartedf but in my travels thru' South America my impression was that the middle-class Spanish speaking inhabitants would eat -in terms of culture and education-the average "Farang" living in Thailand for breakfast. Let's face it-most of them are blue collar industrialised serfs,obsessed with purchaseable sex and cheap food and housing. Chile,for example,has an extremely robust culture which would eviscerate the average American fom Alabama,the Brit from Manchester or the Aussie from Blacktown-leaving them no alternative but to stick with SE Asia,which is sick of them anyway.
  3. Well...let's look at this way-the average latino/latina would eat any expat from SE Asia for breakfast. Whereas the average Thai would look upon the usual expat with puzzled affection until the money ran out. So..the options are to be screeched at in Spanish -Latin based European language which is quite easy to learn. Or be berated in a language which has over 40 consonants,4-5 tones and a written alphabet unknown to any others on the planet... The choice is yours as I couldn't give a flying squirrel on the subject.
  4. Yes the nefarious discombobulated tweetings (not to mention the insane ravings) must come as quite a shock to a society and culture whose sole criteria for success is money... Or as George Clemenceau once put it.."America is the only country that I know of that went from barbarism to decadence without any intervening stages.." The guy has no ballast.
  5. No-one will get over the Wall if we have Legio XX Valeria Victrix guarding it! Press release Rome 122 AD,Emperor Hadrian's media team.
  6. Well...if you have spent your time blowing your money on booze and fancy ladies,irritating your family beyond redemption (I am am being civil) and proclaiming to all and sundry that you are living the dream in paradise whilst stridently dissing your home country at every opportunity, then your prospects of a "happy return" to your native shores are decidedly slim. They are getting thinner by the day.
  7. Watching the HBO series "From the Earth to the Moon" -1998. Next up- TV adaptation of William Golding's "To the Ends of the Earth"-2005.
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