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  1. Very,very true...the internet is a most peculiar beast. For 10 years I was a member of the US Amazon forums with my interests mainly in classical music,history and literature-i made a lot of friends there some of whom I still correspond with today. Nevertheless it was amazing that an interest in say..Bach,Beethoven,Bruckner and Brahms (not to mention Mozart,Mendelsohn and Mahler) could lead to the most fearsome bloodletting..add politics and religion to the mix and it was a veritable Stalingrad where no quarter was given or taken! Eventually Amazon shut the whole t
  2. This incident should definitely assist TAT's campaign to attract foreign tourists back to the country...by a couple of million or so,I reckon..
  3. Cabins...and the painted seawall..nice sentiments. Port Macquarie,NSW.
  4. Bwa..ha..ha... (just filling in time until the 'Reishi' maniac is back in town..)
  5. Yes,and that is equally so in Australia. It must have been all those John Wayne movies in my youth but I dub them little 'Fort Apaches'-you go inside,bar the gates and hunker down for it's a dangerous world out there. Western capitalism with its intrinsic emphasis on competition and aggression virtually ensures that we perceive the world as a place of hostile intent and that most people will be viewed as 'hostiles' until proven different. Altho',come to think of it, the perception of "friendly" may be merely transitory..
  6. Yes...a good post. The other factor that may be mentioned is that the Thai come from a reasonably homogeneous culture whilst "farang" are something of a job lot in that they may come from many different countries with no two cultures being exactly the same.So that may narrow the choices even further in the long term. But,overall I found in my work in the region that Asians/Indians sought harmony within the group as much as possible, whilst no-one in their right mind has ever accused Europeans (including the diaspora) of ever having the same goal.
  7. A very interesting post and one that I have mulled over..so here's some thoughts.. . I have not found the Thai (or Indonesians or Indians for that matter) to be either as obsessively analytical or prone to over intellectualization about their relationships as Westerners are often inclined to be.I agree that they probably will not take a bullet for you as you so sagely observed..but they will put you on 24 hour hospital watch if you are ill and goodness only knows who will be there at 2 AM in the morning lying on a mat on the floor. They often have far better manners as we
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