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  1. I have long suspected (on a whim?) that Caerphilly was the centre of the known universe....
  2. So..it's the Welsh? Haven't see them singled out before..not since the battle of Rorke's Drift anyway.
  3. Presumably.. The US is not delivering 'em as thick and fast as a few months ago.
  4. As I said..they have been waffling on since 1775 with a big spike in 1776 and they have never piped down since. You would think that after Vietnam they would have desisted but no...you can't keep a parochial,intellectually challenged country which believes that the world is 6,000 years old, down for any period of time nor persuade them from viewing their repetitive,inane Rambo-like movies (franchises) for eternity.
  5. They have been waffling on since 1775....
  6. Brilliant Owl,brilliant. You will just have to keep this up..or I will send the local village mafia after you..
  7. Be careful what you wish for Colin.I hate to say it but there are far more deadly generals out there waiting in the wings and just rarin' to go. They have not the slightest interest in "democracy" and never have had any. I wish the democracy movement well but do not think that it will be a walk in the park toppling these sorts of regimes.
  8. I am wondering whether the push for a republic was/is more of a "baby boomer" thing (I am one of those) arising out of the political turmoil of the 70's, because I seldom hear any millennials every talking about the subject.Their attention seems to be focused on more prosaic issues these days.
  9. All the best Pravda whatever you decide...it is a difficult one especially if you do not enjoy living in your homeland. Canada Sam has offered good advice I think,go ahead with the PR for your wife and see how things turn out.
  10. Ah..yes, The vendetta continues..the moral of the story being never,ever,break ranks with the ruling elites especially in a country whose police and judiciary are so heavily politicised.
  11. How about something from the Renaissance-which only really occurred in my rural Aussie town (and Darwin) sometime early last year.. Whist Titian was mixing rosemadder His model posed nude on a ladder.. Her position to Titian suggested coition So he ran up the ladder and had her.
  12. Ditto, I am not as convinced as some posters that a vote for a republic is a foregone conclusion as I don't see the "winds of change" sweeping through the country at the moment.More like a dour consolidation and entrenchment,in my opinion. It may also depend on personalities as William is certainly more popular than Charles. I voted "Royalist" last time and would take a fair amount of persuasion to change my mind about the head of state issue.
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