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  1. Christ..narcissism at its very worse. No wonder why you hunkered down in Thailand-who would have noticed?
  2. No they didn't tho' obviously,their paths were linked in ancient times (before McDonald's) This is Canus Aureaus not Canus Lupus. Very few of Canus Lupus have ever been domesticated. Therefore,it really isn't canus aureas-IT IS THEIR MENTALLY RETARDED OWNERS-homo sapiens at it again.. i know-my son-in-law was one..
  3. Very definitely... The whole thing is full of disturbing passages until you get to Maccabees 4.37 where you come across an amazing recipe for lemon meringue pie.. Don't ask me how it got there..
  4. Brilliant post. Let me tell you that Australian agri-businesses are packed full of Malaysians,Chinese and Thai.. That is because the lazy 3rd generation unemployed Anglo-Celtics refuse to work.. They couldn't hoe a potato if you held a piece of Fairy Floss to their heads, In my rural area there are a myriad of peoples from overseas working whilst the lazy original invasionists take drugs and shamble about the place looking like a mickey mouse reject from Detroit. Same as in the US and UK,I guess. What a shower!
  5. Brilliant little photo... Out "Ted" was called "Monty"-the little bugger-tho' I kinda missed him when he disappeared. Kinda like the rat snake downstairs..I don't know how many times I told him.."Please do not obstruct the exit."
  6. Nope..it's your truth not mine-own it. I discount 99% of the internet wallah's statements about "truth" and that is before 9 o'clock in the morning.
  7. They don't keep moving the goalposts..they sold 'em on Southerby's for 4 pounds 10p which promptly went into the PM's slush fund. What some Aussies don't or will not understand is our goalposts will join your goalposts for a test match to the finish... Sorry to hear that you aren't an Aussie as I don't think that we have 10 pound immigrant tickets any more and stealing a loaf of bred just doesn't cut the mustard..
  8. Well..they froze the pension in the UK for expats in Thailand.. Ain't much use getting up in the morning and exclaiming "I've been shafted!" when a deaf ,dumb and blind mute should have seen it coming from a mile away. Not to mention Thai immigration's favourite motto.."flow my tears." I am an Australian by the way.
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