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  1. Oh no AndyI started tracing my grandfather's footsteps in 1986.. I was aware that his two brothers had fought on Gallipoli (Alas I have never made it to Gallipoli) but traced my great uncle in the Pozieres attack (5th Brigade,2nd. Australian Infantry Division..and later took my great aunt to her brothers resting place at Mont St Quemtin. We all broke into tears..his name was Andrew..and my great aunt cries.."Andy..Andy..I never knew you.." Their Name Liveth For Evermore
  2. Yes..boiling the can as in the video. Please don't believe that the video is a commentary on British cuisine..British pluck and courage more like.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOr8OtpctpE
  3. Ha..ha..ha.. For some reason or another it changed to "spotted dog" in the colonies. These things do happen as you now.. Gawd...in a can? Well....it's probably like 'Tom Piper' sponge pudding as in the Scouts I loved the stuff. It's hard to believe that my grandfather lived on this cuisine (bully beef,McConaghey's stew,apple jam and Tom Piper for 3 years..1916-1919.
  4. Bang on..good fellow. You are not Australian. Your honesty is worth it's weight on gold..
  5. The Thai kids in my area often wore different uniforms for different days...for example..scouts,sporting and in senior years, military wear. Here is military (cadet)wear..and sports clothing.All had to be paid for...and it was no different in the government schools and was a great financial burden-I helped out with costs in the case of half a dozen youngsters or so..and very pleased that I did..
  6. Brave youngsters... As Jefferson Davis once said 'The seed corn of a nation..'
  7. Well..participation is on a voluntary basis..yes? As I recall he tossed his rattle out of the pram and departed in high dudgeon. I have always liked high dudgeon as a dessert and equated it with "spotted dog" at my school,rather like rhubarb and custard or the accursed sago pudding....
  8. I am amazeed,indeed gobsmacked by the number of putative Australians posting on this forum. Yet when it comes to ANZAC or Remembrance Day-very few indeed....very,very,few indeed. The same goes for the drought,bushfire and Covid crisis in my country..
  9. I have no desire to be lead by the nose by Rupert Murdoch and his ilk-so blather away! As far as I am concerned this thread is finished due to any lack of confirmatory evidence produced by any poster vis a vis the information in the OP.
  10. Ha..ha.. Well,I'm sure that we have all overstepped the mark at times..I've been busted from Sergeant to Lance-Corporal (acting-unpaid) on many an occasion but I was never daredevil enough to bring Japanese pornography to the table.. Too old,I guess..(sigh)
  11. Actually..I thought that he'd never been to Isaan in his life.. He continually attacked other posters and could never come up with a single photo to back up his claims-even if his life depended on it. He contributed nothing to this thread. How about that for a 'hard hitting' edge to your post?
  12. Well..he certainly didn't care for photos with bikes in them either-as Michel could have testified at the time.Great bloke Michel-full of that Gallic passion,wit and appreciation of the finer things in life which made his posts so interesting and entertaining....
  13. Well..our dams are full and our rivers are flowing-which is a marked improvement on last year. However it's has been a dry spring and the bush is becoming tinder dry once again and there is plenty of new undergrowth to fuel any fire....and yes it seems like yesterday... Water bombers landing at my town in December last year.
  14. Sure.... Actually I don't think (and have never said so) that any power is intrinsically "benign and friendly" and on that score I side with Count Metternich and Henry Kissinger (amongst others) with the concept of realpolitik. And within that framework I decline to go tilting at windmills for either the American right and it's exceedingly intellectually impoverished cousin, the Australian right.
  15. Ah..the old Fox news stunt. May I draw your attention to the salient fact that there has been NO CONFIRMATION of a so called "gag" order on the medical authorities in Wuhan? There may be some day but no confirmation as yet by ant reputable news source. Therefore this thread has drawn the usual "China haters" without any verifiable info whatsoever... I call this sort of thing "Humpty Dumpty" media wars.
  16. Please see edited post where I amended the direction to NNW and boxed the compass and I have had major problems trying to edit posts.. You stick to your acumen and I will stick with mine...
  17. Very true...they say it's heading for 41.C in my area..with hot gusty winds.Whilst we had good rain in the winter it is getting pretty dry now with only light falls so far.
  18. One day? Well,I jolly well hope so!Still the Top End is rather marvelous too...it's quite an adventure up there. Wine country..
  19. Hey! Where did you get the candid photo of me on my 21st birthday?
  20. Ha...ha..ha....good one! We were going to visit the Hunter Valley Gardens and (alas) no scooter-no mobility. I must say that the gardens are very beautiful and right in the middle of wine country which is a major plus...
  21. Well...obviously not.. General Buck Turgidson springs to mind..
  22. Is that a cordial invitation not to trust you? Back on topic..is there any confirmation (after all it would be big news) that a "gag" order has been issued by the Chinese Gov't to the medical authorities in Wuhan?
  23. Well...ya got a lotta tea..but very little hard cash.. Let's sell 'em drugs..lots and lots of drugs... And then bombard and kill them when the authorities object. Hard to believe that such a whining,pipsqueek,nothing of a nation could have wielded such vast amoral power only a century ago.
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