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  1. True story. As a 9 year old girl, my wife was bitten by a small snake near the village. She went back home and told her grandma, and she soon stopped breathing, lost consciousness, and they thought she died. They took her body to the temple, tied her hands, prepared her for a funeral, dressed her, and lay her in a (cheaply made) closed casket for 3 days while awaiting cremation. She was paralyzed, and couldn't move or talk, but could hear everyone and everything the whole time. Before they were going to cremate her, a lady asked her parents to take her to the village shaman first. Well, lucky for her, it worked, and she woke up. Today, she is claustrophobic, sees ghosts and talks to spirits, can often predict the future, and yes, even picked 3 digit lotto numbers correctly more than once to my total disbelief and amazement. Another amazing Thailand story. I'm still poor, but now take her lotto picks seriously, driving around for hours to find someone with the right numbers.
  2. Good job by the pilot, and emergency crew. I would say the fire trucks were deployed properly alongside the runway, and you can see them racing into motion as the aircraft passed, arriving at the plane within seconds as they chased after it. If the gear that did not deploy was one of the wheels under the wings instead, the plane could have spun, and rolled, then the trucks would have been in the best position away on the sides, but in the middle of the runway in that case.
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