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  1. Hi all, I have a rare inner ear disease that requires me at times to seek Dexamethasone intratympanic injections (injection through eardrum.to administer steroid to absorb into cochlear) I know there would be some out there with Meniere's disease, Cochlear Hydrops and Autoimmune inner ear disease that would know of this process. I am hopefully coming back to Thailand soon (stranded expat) to Pattaya. I have had them done at Bangkok Pattaya hospital but the charges are very high. Wondering if any seasoned expats suffering ear diseases know of other locations with a dece
  2. I've got no issues with Thailand and their policies. My issue was excessive delays before over getting all OAs back (I've always been OA) when stranded for so long. Elderly folk have tech problems. Like my mum, she struggles and has cognitive decline normal with age. So albeit incredibly frustrating at times, need to respect the older folk IMO. Maybe they need some agents to help them complete the process. Enough said. Thx.
  3. "Every week they open a new class of visa, property owners, elite, wealthy etc.. On top of the already married, Thai family etc.. " WRONG. I've been stranded 8 months and the different visa types has been very delayed spanning since lockdown. Only recently were remaining OA visa holders/applicants able to apply. O visa holders are now forced to covert to OA, which for several reasons many cannot (go to expats stranded forums). The "howling old folks"? Really? You sound like a very heartless patronising individual. I am in my 50s and computer savvy, applied now because I am
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