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  1. Some of you are too daft to notice but most of these 'overwhelming votes' are from payback seeking under-50's who maybe read posts on Thaivisa how they're hated and see the joy in this Maybe we should all support each other eh? Not wish bad on others? or maybe not..?
  2. In the future the funny/sad part for many is when they realize they've been paying for insurance for a long stay visa only to find out they aren't covered for everything they need it
  3. I wonder the total amount alot of older expats spend monthly whilst in Thailand - Thailand is meant to be the destination to live cheap, but it looks like its not so cheap with the run around you have to do - makes you think So, if someone is spending alot and say stuff you to the rest who want to live cheaply, makes me wonder what kind of debauchery or messed up things they're up to in the land of smiles when they could live in a first world country for the same money? Those sound like the real losers to me
  4. There's been alot of changes in the past year, do you enjoy your relaxing retirement period of life - well be aware and don't ever forget for one second, you have to remember to: 800k in a bank policy. Has now been extended to 6 months kept in the bank, do not touch it. You will risk the opportunity of staying another year if you do. Every year you need to do the same process if you plan to 'continue your retirement break another year 90 day reporting on your every move or get fined/risk your future stay TM30 - You will be fined and risk your future stay if you don't keep up with 24 hours notice when you arrive/leave your premises, condo owners are not responsible anymore So don't forget for a second, always have it in your mind - no one wants to slip up and forget the rules
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