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  1. Africa behind the west but well in front of Thailand. COVAX announces 600,000 doses of the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine licensed to Serum Institute of India have arrived in Accra, Ghana; further deliveries to Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire are expected this week. Final first round of allocations for doses of AstraZeneca/Oxford and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines, to the majority of countries and economies participating in the COVAX Facility, anticipated to be published in coming days https://www.who.int/news/item/24-02-2021-covid-19-vaccine-doses-shipped-by-the-covax-facility-head-to-gh
  2. Great start to the vaccine plan. Apparently they need some extra documents from Astrazeneca. This does not stop Anutin from getting the Chinese rubbish though so plan still good yeh?
  3. According to the Phuket News Prayut is getting Astrazeneca and Anutin the Chinese rubbish...........LOL Gen Prayut be inoculated with the viral vector vaccine from AstraZeneca, while Mr Anutin and Deputy Public Health Minister Sathit Pitutecha would receive vaccines from Sinovac. https://www.thephuketnews.com/prayut-to-get-jab-sunday-anutin-to-follow-79153.php
  4. So thats it then, a mass test of 15 people. That'll do it. Nothing to see here..........................
  5. Yes I know the website, I've visited it many times, I'm just saying what the official figures are released from the Thai government on a daily basis. The same figures that are released by CCSA. The title in the daily charts published is "Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19)" These differ from those charts so back to my question I do not know where they get their information from but its not from the daily official figures. Thailand has never tested more than 12,000 people in one day officially. The chart peaks at over 35,000, thats way off making it far from credible.
  6. Not sure where the numbers in the published graphs come from, ie where they get their sources, but the official figures for the 2nd Feb are: Positive cases = 836 Tests = 9,720 Positive rate = 8.5% https://ddc.moph.go.th/viralpneumonia/eng/situation.php
  7. So I presume with Uncle taking the AZ brand then Anutin will take the Chinese stuff, he's well under 65? Lets see...................
  8. I'm not saying they trace one and not others?
  9. I'm blown away by just how complex it all is, I did wonder why those epidemiologists and immunologists spent all their time in University. You should write your post as an introduction to the next scientific paper published on the new variants.
  10. I was pointing out the South African variant. Would you like to re read my post or would you like me to copy and paste it again?
  11. I'm aware of that, moderna is also developing a booster tweak for the SA variant and UK variant. So when you said the main vaccines are effective you actually meant the Pfizer one.
  12. You said the main vaccines, thats one? Pfizer is just slightly less effective, how about the others?
  13. The South African variant, which vaccines have shown they are effective to that?
  14. Actually I do understand what walk ins are, as stated, simply people walking in to hospital to get tested, its impossible to say why this is the case and to speculate that its one or the other is just that, speculation. Its not via track and trace however as that is under the proactive cases counts. It could be any number of reasons why, they may have gone to a high risk area, they may have been advised to by the app, they may have symptoms. However the bottom line is they are out there, yesterday 43 of them walking around who had caught it from somebody else.
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