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  1. If you get some let me know how it goes I'm sure we must all have at least one of those ailments.
  2. https://www.lazada.co.th/catalog/?q=Peru+Balsam&_keyori=ss&from=input&spm=a2o4m.searchlist.search.go.57903mSE3mSEQp
  3. Excellent news for the International teachers who must have been wondering about this
  4. Absolutely right, along with a little zinc. It won't stop you getting covid but anything to help boost your immune system has got to be worthwhile. Even once I'm vaccinated I'll probably still take those supplements.
  5. As with the migrants who in the samut sakhon outbreak were locked in the factories. We still have no idea of the true case count there. The important thing now however is to test all prisons nationwide on mass and be transparent with the results.
  6. Sure I'm aware of that but we're not in the west and Thailand has always had a policy to do it this way, what can we do, its the law. The issue I have was with the new guidance was its unclear, just a graphic with scant details and against all previous advice given. I would prefer to wait for an official statement.
  7. I noticed that too, its the first time in months they've not updated by this time
  8. 5 day left, ICU beds getting stretched and no sign of any let up in the immediate future. Medicine Dept.: There remains only some 100 ICU beds in greater Bangkok, which “may be filled up in 5 days.” Medical personnel are also overstretched. Deployment of medical students is being considered. https://twitter.com/Thai_Talk/status/1392812930693963777
  9. Over a 60% positive infection rate!! New Covid Cluster at Bangkok’s Workers’ Camp After an inspection at the camp, Palang Pracharat MP Sira Jenjaka the mass testing, conducted on 300 workers found 196 people tested positive for Covid-19. The active testing will be conducted on additional 500 migrant workers tomorrow and another 300 Thai workers on Saturday. https://tna.mcot.net/english-news-695875
  10. Clarify all you want I'm not engaging in your little playful whims or predictions. Feel free to get back to me with something worthwhile.
  11. 127k actually not 150, quite a difference. The UK strain was first identfied back in Sept and had been brewing there when cases were averaging 1000 a day only. Facts always help rather than baseless outbursts full of nothing but hot air.
  12. Currently in Phuket you're not even allowed to have a friend over to your house, if you do they have threatened to look at your visa. 1st July? About 6 weeks away...............lol
  13. Is this the same Justice Minister who had to self quarantine for 14 days not long ago after his friends got infected at a party...mmmmm
  14. How do you know how many cases there were yesterday of any other day if these were not announced till today and accumulated? How do you know the peak could not have been last week or the week before? You don't and the fact is they were announced today so I'm afraid that is the national historical count.
  15. We peaked again today far higher, its no longer twin peak period. They do indeed relate to the overall statistics, as much as you'd prefer they didn't.
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