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  1. Fly into KL, stay in a hotel for a night, rest up, relax, eat etc, then fly over to Laos, one more night in a hotel, then over the border to Thailand. Yes it is a bit of an extra run around. But not so bad if planned well. Malaysia will pose zero threat of turning you around and sending back to USA so it avoids the worry of what was mentioned. If fly directly into Thailand and you have those five entries on record, there is a great chance you get admitted with no problem if you have a visa but no guarantee at all that you dont get selected for the "we are sending you back because we feel like it" treatment. At least if you enter at a land border you just get sent back across the bridge and not paying to be in a holdng cell waiting for a flight back to the states. If you fly directly into Bangkok, you do the 16 hours of flying with that worry in the back of your mind. Doesnt exactly seem like being on holiday does it? Having all that worry in your mind the whole time for the supreme privledge of being able to spend your money in Thailand. He writes "even a slim chance" of denied if flying into Bkk. Well it id indeed slim, but that "chance" is DEFINITELY there. No way at all of knowing if immigration chooses to start something if you fly in to Bangkok.
  2. Fly to kuala lumpur first then take a flight to laos and enter Thailand from there. Wow, getting pretty crazy if want to come to Thailand these days and it isn't your first or second time huh
  3. Why is it funny the friendship bridge immigration lets in people who have a visa?
  4. This is getting absolutely ridiculous, people in fear to the point where when flying to Thailand, they are buying onward flight tickets out of Thailand to nearby for the purpose of coming into Thailand by land, to avoid having to be in a cell overnight if something goes wrong. Insane.
  5. Maybe things like this are why the visa rules are so difficult now? Honestly, it is becoming just not worth it to spend money here. If not a bad driver what else is it - getting pulled out of your taxi at road blocks after an evening out? Not worth it anymore is a real theme these days
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