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  1. With reference to your post's title, visa matters (see earlier posts above). As for "ATM" you are very welcome to enter, the more ATM cards, the merrier and the more welcome you will feel. "At the moment" cash and cards are most welcome.
  2. This is the Karen-ish/Darren-ish approach. Going by these excuses, guessing their nationality should be easy peasy. Guessing by elimination. Or extrapolation.
  3. Sad. You can have mountains of money but it will all come to an end. Just a matter of time.
  4. One of the main tenets of life is-- jealousy begets resentment. An example of the peasant... errr, person... in you.
  5. Yes, backed up on 2 Trezor devices. The first Trezor in a safe deposit box with HSBC. The second Trezor and the handwritten 12 words in another safe deposit box with another bank. Hints for the 12 words are stored in my 1Password app.
  6. When you are contacted by a stranger for any reason, it's a scam... ALWAYS. Never believe what they say. My strategy is to simply hold the coins forever until I wake up one day and the market says it's worth enough to convert to cash. I bought my coins 10 years ago and kept them since then.
  7. I experienced the same searing long-term headaches earlier this year. Tried various OTC meds, including ibuprofen and paracetamol with codeine. Had long hot showers (suggested by a friend). The headaches would come and go despite all these measures. A doctor back home in Europe suggested it could be tension headaches because it hurts in the neck area when I move my head right and left. I also noticed it would start in the morning (as if it was there all along while I slept) and last most of the day. I adjusted my sleeping posture and bought an orthopaedic mattress. The pain disappeared after a
  8. Hide what? That's a positively insulting assertion. As if your country is flawless and perfect.
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