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  1. Well I didn't ask it directly, but according their web sites they release the two certificate in a single file Nevertheless I know that who showed up with a single certificate hasn't meet any problem But I would prefer to not take a chance
  2. I couldn't find yet who issues Covid test and FTF in two separate files, all those I have contracted pharmacies clinics and so on, release them in a single file.
  3. I'm not a doctor but unlike you I be informed Why don't you try it too?
  4. People will accept to get vaccinated only when the vaccine will be safe and effective, and currently it's not
  5. If you show up on time but your flight is delayed it's not your fault, then you will be boarded anyway
  6. I'm glad for you nevertheless I'll try to get my files like as requested by Thailand If I can't I'll do like as you did. It's always depending by who you meet at check in it's a matter of fortune
  7. Perfect I'm glad for you the first port of departure counts
  8. Who knows if our friend successfully checked in at airport. Anyway I did some research on the net. and I didn't find yet a clinic that provide what required by Thailand All of them issue a PCR result, and fit to flight certificate in a single file,
  9. i wish to know if the covid tests carried out at Heathrow airport are valid for entry into Thailand
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