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  1. Do you seriously think you are that unique.Your not the only one that stick around for your daughter,but at least I have my own house to stay in.I just pulled out the popcorn to follow how your doing.
  2. My countrys embassy gave me a 1 year non-o multi entry only on the birth certificate and about 200k in the bank.Less then 2 years ago. Get your kid through the court system.More easy visa for you then a marrige visa.If you are married many places will not let you choose the parrent visa.
  3. Wow.You are worried that your daughter is waching soap on the TV.You will have some bigger camels to swallow later.Just wait for it.haha You should worrie more on how the tooth brushing is going ,or the diper-rash.Mine is soon 4 and what she see on the tv is not anywhere near my top 10 list of worries.
  4. Home pro sell gas owens.Very close to the one on the picture.Got one a couple of years ago.around 20k.They also have electrolux.Yes gas in the owen also,not only on the top.
  5. 90% of kids that age in this area can not swim.No there is no school program to teach them how to swim either.Im sure more then half of the grown ups in this are can not swim either so who is going to teach them ? Navy ? Good idea besides the fact that any thai <deleted> their pants when they see a uniform.Any type of uniform including a school teachers. 8 year old do walk from school and back to their homes in this area.No they should not need to have a grown up holding their hand all the time. Teach your own kids to swim at a young age and just deal with the fact that some things you just can not change from behind the keyboard.It is just as tragic as the same age kids kill them self driving a motorbike.
  6. So to get a tourist visa you may use 20k bath in the bank as proof.And if you do have a bank account they might say you are not a tourist and deny you the visa.You live here. Yepp.Makes alot of sence.Oh sorry.Sence is never used here.I should know better after so many years.
  7. Buy your ticket strait of the airline you want to fly with and the conditions is very clear.A changeable ticket cost a little more , but that is of course your choice. Do not use any travel agent in thailand if you want a ticket you can change.
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