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  1. You could try to phone them and ask. It's probably OK, as there are now very long delays in assigning received payments to individual accounts. If you call them they will be able to tell you if the payment has been received and can assign it to your account immediately after you call. I'm not overseas any more, but made a class 3 voluntary payment in the UK on Jan 25th this year, and phoned them 5th March to check, as it had not shown up. They told me it had been received but was in the queue for being assigned, and that they would do it that day. I appreciate it's
  2. I would like a reference or citation for these claims that you make, as they seem a bit nonsensical at first glance. Firstly the quantitative PCR method used to detect a positive or negative result is not based on a fixed number of cycles being defined. Without going into too much detail: all samples are run for ~45 cycles, with a positive control standard (known RNA representing viral sequences) and a negative control (water). After the run curves are drawn and a horizontal threshold line is drawn across joining where all the curves start to become exponential [see f
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