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  1. If I understood anything that you wrote, I would respond. We have the Thai Educational system to thank for that.
  2. Well it's an improvement from shooting unarmed civilians, so props to the Army for that.
  3. I guess the Army Generals are feeling a pinch in the wallet since boxing has been shut down. But since the bars are mostly under police "protection" I'm sure they will remain closed. Amazing Thailand. or is the new slogan Amazing Trusted Thailand? perhaps it should be Amazing Corrupt Thailand or Amazing Moronic Thailand.
  4. With a single digit new infection rate for almost two weeks, it's completely insane the country remains at a State of Emergency, businesses remain closed and highly restricted to operate, and peoples' livelihood's are destroyed. Come to my neighborhood to see all the empty stores on what was a thriving street - these are ALL local Thai shops that are closed for good. The owners lost all their investment, plus I'm sure a lot more to the loan sharks. While here you can see all the proud, but desperate people trying to find a way to make some money to pay for food and rent. This is in the center of Bangkok! Yes the Thai Government is a laughing stock for needlessly destroying the economy, pushing scores of people into poverty to fight a virus, which if you believe their number, has killed fewer people than normally die in road accidents a typical weekend day.
  5. Stupid nickname comments aside, She runs a Beauty Clinic!!! Isn't there anyone somewhat more qualified in public health, maybe a doctor that would ACTUALLY treat Wuhan Virus patients, available for this position? Thailand just continues to step in dog-poo every chance it gets. Heck they could get a qualified physician to give updates and put a Pretty in a bikini on the stage as well if this is what Anutin wants. But I guess we'll get more restrictions based on junk science and who the heck knows what else. Thailand is a laughing stock at this point, while Vietnam has taken the crisis seriously and now is back to full normal again. This while Vietnam's medical system is maybe 20 years behind Thailand. They do have far fewer beauty clinics and weight loss centers - probably because the women are naturally pretty.
  6. Actually if you read an LA Times story from April 2020, they point out that many of the precursor chemicals were made in Wuhan (not a funny coincidence) and the supply dried up during the Wuhan Virus crisis. The Mexican drug cartels were the mules that brought the drugs into America and since they could not manufacture the precursor on their own - supply dried up. China also until recently was heavily involved in the direct shipment of fentanyl through normal shipping channels by mislabeling the contents. Basically ALL roads on this fentanyl nightmare lead back to China. Maybe next time you should get your facts straight before you take advice from your Chinese Master Xi.
  7. Smart move by the Thai's, it would be embarrassing to get their butt's kicked again by the Cambodians. The Cambodians don't even have a submarine.
  8. Based on MY experience most Menthol smokers are Asian or Black, regardless of age. They tried banning Menthols in America, but Al Sharpton of all people fought them and won. Go figure.
  9. Back in January there was a near crash of a Thai flight in Germany. The pilot (or co-pilot) came in too low, too fast. The German authorities are still investigating I think. It was on Sam Chui's website. And not only are they banned from flying to the USA, but for some reason they don't even code-share with United a Star Alliance partner. They are an arrogant, hopeless airline in true Thai style.
  10. And Breaking News: Thai researchers at the prestigious Chula University (ranked between 801-1000 in the world) have just discovered fire by striking a piece of metal with a rock. They claim this discovery, yet to be seen anywhere else, will prove Thai ingenuity, while PM Prayut proclaims Thailand Wins Again.
  11. Just reading the details of what the FBI did in this case is shocking, partisanship aside. They knew what he said on the calls so there was no legal justification to call him in to to ask what he said on the calls. What they did was to create a Perjury Trap - which is illegal. They mislead him him about the purpose of the meeting so he would not have an attorney present - also illegal. From the released documents, prior to their meeting there was no charges to be filed against him - so all they could do was to get him for lying to the FBI about what is non-criminal behavior. Anyone in the US should be afraid law enforcement uses this tactic. Which is why the old axiom of: NEVER say anything at all to law enforcement other than your name. There are a few Youtube videos from lawyers showing how they can easily trap you and put you in the same situation as Flynn. I have worked with FBI agents in the past, they are very, very skilled at questioning and putting you off balance to make you nervous.
  12. Exactly my thoughts. As in China, the leadership here is terrified that the people will start to voice their opinions and protest their mismanagement. But keeping a curfew and strict rules on gatherings will enable them to squash any groups. This is just a continuation of the onerous Sec. 44 rules and Prayut will not ease up control. The students were making a lot of noise in February and that scared them. Now that millions of people are jobless, hungry and without hope for the future the voices of protest will be much greater. The government knows this and wants to keep it under control as much as they can. When one compresses a spring, the release will be more powerful. I am fearful for when that happens.
  13. I went to Phu Quoc about a year ago, never again since my Russian isn't very good. Think Pattaya but more like Moscow. It was a nice quiet island about 10 years ago, but targeted for development and they went nuts. If you fly in directly to the big new airport, there is no need for a visa as long as you don't go to the mainland - so lots of direct flights to Russia. Not many Chinamen yet since the Vietnamese don't like them much, but I can see Phu Quoc as a destination they will push them towards given the Visa free travel. This could easily outpace Phuket for those tourists. But the rest of the country is brilliant and in many ways preferable to Thailand in my mind.
  14. On another similar thread, I posited that the Gov't/Army is using this shutdown as an opportunity to clean up the bar industry to their liking. The conservative Thais (supporters of this gov't for the most part) have always been appalled at the notorious bar scene but didn't have the ammunition to fight those profiting from it. They would love to see the girl/boy bar districts closed for good - it does not fit with "their" image for Thailand. The typical Thai bars and clubs are probably fine in their minds, but this just gives the opportunity to starve the bars they dislike so they won't reopen. Also pressure the landlords to find other suitable (in their mind) tenants. I don't agree with what they are trying to accomplish, but I think this is what they are trying to do. They've never had an opportunity like this before and I think they'll take advantage as much as they can. And for all those going to comment about all the tourists that want this experience, I think the Gov't would say they're happy for them not to come. The image of Thailand is so important to them as they constantly mention when charging someone with a crime.
  15. If the US or UK would only test less than 3,000 people per day (and avoid testing anyone remotely suspicious) their numbers would be as good as Thailand. But I digress....
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