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  1. i recently bought a new MG HS. For a 1500cc car, it has loads of get up and go. very happy with the performance I bought the mid range model, because there is so much tech on the top of the range, I would not have known how to use it all. I dont need sport boost, paddle shift, sunroof, etc, so i saved myself a good amount of money. Ok, the aircon packed up after 2 weeks..........not good, but this was an o ring failure, and fixed within a few hours. Had no problems with air con since. The touchscreen has also proved temperamental. But after software updates, this se
  2. 3BB are notoriously famous for throttlling International bandwidth. you will just have to put up with it until your release date. watch stuff on You Tube your sentence is not that long, just put up with it, and be thankful you are here
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