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  1. I also had the maid, massage, and everything else service for 10k a month! She was absolutely made up about it But I am very hansum. ha ha Your salary expamples are very accurate. Unlike a lot of the rubbish I saw in this post
  2. just get someone to send you a picture mate. and send the last 3 numbers by a different method, ie, phone call. I have hired a car in Thailand using just the photo of my credit card.
  3. me too I get a photo of the front of the card, and ask my friend to call me with the last 3 digits.
  4. You are using Filmon? really? seriously mate, that is just a rubbish way to watch. get yourself a VPNUK, (dedicated server), download the I player, and watch. Or.......watch on You Tube. Filmon........man........so surprised anyone still uses this.
  5. you could have changed it to O Visa a long time ago, just by leaving the country, and starting the process here, it would take 3 months Cant do it now of course, because you need the insurance to re enter
  6. you do not need to pay anyone to check your paperwork in Hua Hin. The girls working at the check in area on the ground level do this for free!!!!! How do you not know that????????? I did my EXTENSION last week. When I went to Krungsri to get my bank letter, they also gave me 6 months bank statements (I did not ask, they just knew they would be required) The immigration also want a photocopy of your bank book for the last year. This is 100% fact, not my opinion, but FACT. This is for the RETIREMENT EXTENSION Take a map of where you live also. They want
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