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  1. im 6 feet 2 inches tall, size 11 shoes, 105kg (fit, not fat) and I dont waste my time trying to buy any quality named brands here, ie, adidas, because always NO HAB yes, can buy training shoes if i am lucky to find, but stupidly expensive, so i dont. so i just buy crap for working out in. every time i go to EU I buy enough stuff there to last me a while. A2Z is ok here for the tee shirts that are ALWAYS on special price at 239 baht, the XXXL size is fine, and they are fine for training. the electronics and electrical tat that you can buy top floor of most malls, is just that, TAT, but it does the trick for a small while i guess.
  2. the tax was probably due if you planned on going to the French pyrenees. I am going back to Spain in November to finish off sorting out my Residencia there. No tax report is needed to be shown there as far as I am aware, I will be splitting the year between Spain and somewhere in Asia. Not been to Laos yet, but i am certainly keen to take a look sometime. Really looking forward to leaving here now, need a break from it very much. And when I return here to visit, I am sure I will find Thailand cute again. Because I have been here a long time now, its really getting on my tits at the moment. Short term visits only here for me from now on, then it stays cute, and not annoying.
  3. they are illegal mate. over stayers i know a Thai girl that does this in SA. They have a legal person owning the business and then anybody can work there until they get caught. I dont know how the owner gets away with it, but they do.
  4. its hard for them to get in any non Asian country now. The reputation is well and truly set now. But if i ever come to Melbourne, i know where i will be going. ha ha
  5. taxi drivers really are the scum of the earth. never use them, ever Grab, Uber or public transport every time
  6. fly to Vietnam for a weeks break. Relax, then come back and go through the process. I have done the conversion from Tourist to OA to Retirement twice! its not difficult, just stick to the rules.
  7. cooking in Thailand? Why? Oats for breakfast is all I do. Millions of places outside to eat well, and if you are poor, cheaply
  8. yeh, you spend all your day trying to stay alive there. cant stand the place
  9. this is so accurate! that is exactly what they say. ha ha Especially the Where you go? I normally say.....Go for a dump! ha ha
  10. You are lucky enough to be able to ride somewhere without getting chased by mental soi dogs! I am jealous.
  11. absolutely spot on mate. this is why i dress like i have just been to the gym the whole time i dont want a ruthless thai women digging her claws into me and removing me from my hard earned dosh and anyway, if you go to a restaurant, you dont have the same dish from the menu every time do you? so being free and single, and helping the farm girls to earn money for their families is by far the best option. cracks me up when i see the old plonkers here with their trophy wives! ha ha soon as they have been drained of their money, their trophies will be looking for the next mug. do they really think the woman is with them for love? ha ha
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