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  1. Hey there baby are you dancing? Ach no, it's just the way I'm standing, Ha, ha, your a hell of a funny, ............... Taken from the song "Cod liver oil and the orange juice" recorded by the immortal Hamish Imlach. (Might be one of Teddy's former pals).
  2. Spot anything odd about this crowd, supposed to be representative of the general public. Look again, I can only see one face that appears to belong to someone under 50, most of them look well over 60. Hardly any women either - taking care of the house no doubt as is their proper role. I never tire of saying it, Brexit is a sad old parochial white male fantasy, the country will recover from it like you recover from a bad dose of Delhi Belly. Sweetness and light to you all needless to say.
  3. Surprising isn't it, that so often when you see Fromage in public he has at least a couple of burly men, trying to pretend that the are normal members of the public, beside him. Remind you of any other politician/party? Probably gets them free from friend Putin, or maybe you can get them in poundstreacher.
  4. It's a good article and doesn't really have an agenda, it is just comment on an often forgotten problem for the Tories. I liked these two paragraphs in particular. Everyone knows what will happen, sooner or later. Given the ageing profile of the Tory membership and its attachment to hard Brexit, the party will move even further to the right. Put another way, it will fix its collective sights on the kind of old, zealous, implacably parochial people who have been turning up to all those Farage rallies, while all the demographics continue to move in the opposite direction. There is a rising Tory fantasy about the party’s immediate post-May future, which seems to be based around victory in a general election, a new leader going back to Brussels full of swagger – and, if need be, Britain stoically going it alone. If that happens, the revolutionary, Brexit-or-nothing school of modern Conservatism will reach peak arrogance, thinking the ghost of the blessed Margaret Thatcher is cheering everything on, and that its moment of destiny has arrived. The truth is the exact opposite: whatever its delusions, hyper-Toryism – and, by extension, the Conservative party itself – is sliding into a elemental crisis from which it may never recover. "While all the demographics continue to move in the opposite direction." This is what I try to get across here again and again. The future does not belong to old white parochial males. The past certainly did, and they are desperately trying to hold onto control of a world that is changing in ways they can't understand and are afraid of. Like King Canute their chances of success are zilch. Of course in the short term they may have their bright moments - no doubt the closet neo fascist Fromage will do well in the EU elections - but these events will become increasingly rare. The future may well belong to young females of many colours. I suggest giving the young more respect instead of farting on about the importance of experience, might be a wise move. Their taxes are paying our pensions!
  5. My impression is that Corbyn lied, this is not a "Narrow minded" view, it is a belief shared by millions who have watched him closely over the years. 1) He was always anti EU, he's a Bennite socialist, and believes that the EU is stopping UK from becoming a socialist utopia - this is a form of psychosis. 2) He is relatively unintelligent and incapable of showing the flexibility of mind required to react to changed or changing circumstances. 3) He fought one of the most gutless, spineless, useless campaigns ever seen in these islands, which pretended to be for remain. He never said anything positive about the EU, merely wasted his time attacking the Tories. 50% of the UK LP didn't know what side their party was on. 4) His behaviour ever since has been to drag his feet and resist any attempt within his party to fight against Brexit. 5) He is controlled by puppeteer Seaumas Milne in his politburo who is an ardent Europhobe. Corbyn is the best foot soldier Farage ever had, a perfect 5th columnist, whose ideology has taken over his mind.
  6. Fair enough, but it should be emphasized that it is just a discussion about possibilities. “Conference calls on the Scottish Government to undertake a review into how working practices should be adapted to meet the needs of the future economy, including the possibility of a four-day working week, with a view to possible reform." It sounds daft of course, I am self employed and work 7 days a week. However the world is changing and so many younger people are working from home, or thousands of miles away, on their computers. My issue is with State employees (whose grossly overinflated occupational pensions are subsidized by the taxpayer) many of whom are hardly managing to do 4 days work a week anyway, even if they attend for 5. It is indeed a complex issue and at least worth discussing.
  7. in reply to 1 hour ago, wilcopops said: Anyone who doesn't believe Brexit is a far right occurrence should read this....... https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/may/16/brexit-britain-weimar-germany-far-right-democracy-contempt-politicians Why is it falsely comparing A with B, you are free to compare anything, the lesson to learn is from what they have in common. This is just basics - you can compare apples with oranges and find out that they are both pieces of fruit. If you want to compare with 1930s UK see the comparison below. Anyway this is a rather worn out old record, Brexiteers claiming to represent all the British people, wailing on about Democracy when they are lead by people who are conmen, and for whom it is just a tool. You were conned, by scum, accept it, admitting your mistakes is what adults do, you will get over the embarrassment soon.
  8. Sad unenlightened response, contributing zilch to the topic. Prophetic not pathetic.
  9. What you are overlooking is that pollsters also have established that the depleted Labour and Tory ranks contain leavers and remainers. With the Tories its 50/50 (Most leavers have left this pack already) and Labour 75/25 in favour of Remain. Leavers on current EU polling get nowhere remotely near 50% overall, which reflects more general polls outside the EU elections.
  10. A fully justified cri du coeur monsieur. What can we do? Well we can vote and hope against hope, despite it being in the hands of the most inadequate bunch of politicians - on all sides- that this country has seen in the last hundred years. The shear self serving venality of a huge number of them is a disgrace to any country which pretends to be civilized, and the fact that millions vote for these charlatans and scumbags is an embarrassment to us all. There is hope though, there are many decent MPs who have not been removed in the LP Stalinist purges, nor are vomiting mind numbing far right idiocies from the ERG and such. A solution has to be found that will be acceptable to the majority of the British people which means compromise, and realism. Surely this is not "beyond the wit of man". In the longer future it looks like the younger generation will not stand for any madness they are forced to inherit from a bunch of sad old has beens, that is hope indeed.
  11. This procedure is referred to as defenestration, and was a method favored by Tamerlane and a certain English King. The window should of course be a long way from the ground/moat etc. I can think of so many political leaders whose absence would be of huge benefit to the world, and best achieved by defenestration. Trump, Putin, Netanyahu, Orban, and Erdogan, just for starters, but head and shoulders above all the rest would be Nigel Fromage!
  12. Indeed for me the best rock band to come out of the 60s. Stevie Windwood was a genius, and Clapton a pretty good guitar player. The joint lead guitar solo on "Had to cry today" is truly amazing. We now find out that the whole album was done with just one or two takes, not the weeks of sound engineer massaging in the studio that often replaces raw talent nowadays. Damn it I've gone and agreed with a Rangers supporting Unionist again, that's twice now, how the heck did that happen!
  13. Exactly, here is a man who has been 33 times on Question Time, and his supporters, immune to irony, and awash with self righteous indignation, are claiming he was badly treated by the Beeb because he couldn't set his own agenda. It beggars belief. Many ordinary UK voters actually DO want to know why his party has NO policies on ANYTHING (Apart from Brexit).
  14. Well it is not only you, you have the sense to at least suggest we wait and see, but many other posters have been drawing conclusions about Brexit Party gains in a future GE, based on polls of what is just going to be just a protest vote for EU elections. THE GENERAL ELECTION IS YEARS AWAY. A week is a long time in politics. The Brexit party has no policies apart from Brexit. (Farage hides his often stated wish to privatize the NHS). When Brexit is sorted - whatever way- the Brexit party will have no reason to exist. It will morph into a National Front type party or will simply vanish like snow off a dyke, although vomit off a dyke would be a better analogy.
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