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  1. Thoughtful post, thank you. In order to win the battle for this vote - the vote of the disillusioned working middle class, and indeed also those in the UK we might call the better off working class, you need scapegoats. The cries of "Drain the swamp" "Lock her up" "Build a wall" illustrate three. Similar scapegoats with xenophobic EU hatred, hatred and fear of immigrants, and despising people less fortunate than you, were all alive and well in the Brexit campaign, and very cleverly targeted in a similar way. The opposition in 2016 and 2019 (UK) were useless. The tragedy in all of this was
  2. Well I guess this hits the nail on the head. "Brexit has never shifted it's focus from hatred of the EU to working out what sort of country we want to be outside the EU". Is it utterly pathetic, tragic, or just merely sad, to see the TV Brexiteers awash with hatred towards the EU, and bitterness towards fellow countrymen who voted remain because they just don't happen to see things the same way that they do. If they were actually mature, leavers would forget about the EU. Why spend the rest of your days with a monster chip on your shoulder, consumed with anger and bitterness abo
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