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  1. Reminds me of the cartoon in which John MacInroe say's to the umpire "I said Shiite, honestly I said Shiite". It is a good point though poorly understood by most. It is almost exclusively the Sunnis who export terrorism. The motivation comes out of the vilest form of fundamentalist religion on the planet, Salafi/Wahabi Islam, which SA have been exporting for decades, funded with our oil money. It turns out that the Sunnis, who fight us are our friends, whereas the `Shia, who helped defeat IS (A Sunni terrorist group) are our enemies. I think it would have been better if oil had never been found in the ME, and we had left them to look after their goats and olive trees. The Taliban headquarters is in or near Quetta. The Taliban are sponsored by Pakistan, and directed by ISI the Pakistani "Intelligence" service which is actually just a state terrorism organisation. The US and its allies fought long and hard in Afghanistan, but they never grabbed the bull by the horns and destroyed the ISI. It is one of those times when you feel - against your better judgement- that bombing Pakistan back into the Stone Age should have at least have been threatened. Pakistan is now on the road to becoming just one more Chinese client state.
  2. This is odd, I've agreed with you 3 times............can't last Almost the whole of Europe was involved in colonialism, and the British Empire was the largest it is true. It was us that invented concentration camps (SA) the bombing of civilians (Kurds whose oil we wanted to control. Massive state sponsored drug dealing (The opium wars) and genocide by consciously spreading disease (Smallpox infected blankets given to Indians in Canada). We did this believing that we were doing this in God's name. Much like the Israeli government believes that their god gives them the right to steal Palestinian land. The US has made many noble attempts to distance themselves from Imperialism, but has ended up being just as imperialistic as the British once were, they just don't use gunboats as often, most of the control is discreet. They also have the sky fairy problem big time. China has studied you boys big time. (But not bigly!). We particularly messed up in the Middle East, by drawing random lines on maps, and installing dictatorships wherever it suited us after WW1. A huge factor in the injustices that eventually brought about the subject of this topic.
  3. Technically speaking you're correct. It is unfair to bracket blameless people whose lives are torn apart by real mental illness, such as schizophrenia, depression, and bi-polar disorder with someone like Trump who exhibits none of the empathy characteristic of a normal human being, but is not insane per se. He instead suffers from vast personality disorders. Narcissism, Sociopathy, and an ego the size of planet. I expect in the future he will become a classic textbook example for all those studying Psychology, Psychiatry, and Sociology. That day cannot come soon enough of course, but in the meantime, we can only hope that this discredited treatment helps. Triple the dose ASAP.
  4. I'll be brief. I am Scottish (I no longer think of myself as British). We had a wonderful PM in the 60s, Harold Wilson. The US begged him to send even some medical units. He said no - imperial wars are over. Yes you got the Aussies to join in, so what. Blair was of course a walkover for the US, and considered by many in Britain as a traitor. I was mainly brought up in the country, of course I know farmers. On the milk issue I can confirm the view that it comes from cows. As an 8 year old we would have it squirted into our mouths direct from the teat on the udder, which was indeed part of a cow.
  5. You do realise you are using American technology now?...............Good lord, I never would have guessed, although on reflection the fact that the computer keeps crashing should have been a giveaway. You do understand that practically everything on the internet, the computers, the web, the chips, the software was either invented or developed in America right? ...........That is entirely understandable, although the internet was invented by an Englishman, US has the financial resources to develop ideas, which they do well. The problem is that in order to feed Capitalism with an ignorant and compliant workforce, you have dumbed down the education system to a point where you have had to import a huge proportion of the real brains in science, and applied science from abroad. Without America you would be a serf of whatever dictatorship managed to take over your country and turn your people into slaves. The words are great, you have just got them in the wrong order, it should read:- Americans have become serfs of the "dictatorship" that they let take over their country and turn their people into slaves. I recommend you boycott American technology ASAP. For now I'll stick to boycotting American food, much of which is not fit for human consumption, thanks.
  6. We seem to be suffering from an overabundance of clairvoyants on this thread today. "In a completely disinterested act of total selfless generosity, the US saves the world, single handedly mind, from the evil baddies, who would otherwise have had us all as slaves." Everybody bow down with gratitude, and worship the glorious US empire. With a magnificent imagination like that who needs reality - a job at Fox News awaits you sir. And the nutty Ayatoldya, who has the nerve to refer to the US as "The Great Satan" should be thanking them instead that he is still speaking Farsi!
  7. Over it's more than 240 year history, the US has only been at peace for 16 years. That makes it the most warlike nation in the history of the world. So the number of other languages the US has been "Protecting" us from speaking is almost without limit. Doubtless though they were all terrorists, I mean the US would never attack another country, or attempt to subvert another nation's government for financial reasons, or to extend their imperial realm of power, now would they. And they could never be accused of wanting to take control of another country's oil? .....Surely not.
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