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  1. It astonishes me that people keep forgetting that almost all other advanced countries in the world have a NHS, or similar non profit based healthcare system, which works well at HALF THE PRICE of the US system that deserts the poor in need. No need for your "basic math" just simply address the basic issue - Why have the US failed so utterly where other countries have succeeded. Couldn't possibly have anything to do with with the philosophy that there is nothing in the world that wouldn't be improved if the rich could make a profit out of it, by any chance? Even Wikipedia refuse to quote the Daily Seig Heil now. Their reputation for serial lying and distortion even challenges Donald Trump's. Abandon hope of engaging with reality all those who read it.
  2. At a danger of a slight detour from topic, yes entirely. My stepfather spent 4 years as a POW as a result, fortunately one man to escape was Donald MacLeod, the finest piper of his generation. Churchill deemed the 51st expendable, the Coldstream guards were saved needless to say.
  3. You have it in one, Brexiteers are overwhelmingly older by demographic than Remainers - established in many, many surveys - it is widely accepted. Whether they are also more tired I wouldn't care to judge. I am older though, and more tired than I was when I was younger!
  4. Star post of the week for me Thaidream. Totally agree with you both. It's not my country - And I despair that the UK is going down the pan- but the NHS is a jewel in our crown, and even the Tories (Who - like the GOP - would happily let the poor die if there was no profit to be made from keeping them alive) recognize that to attack the NHS is a huge vote loser. ("Americans are dying regularly because they cannot get adequate healthcare"). No other decent civilized country thinks that it is acceptable to profit from others misfortune. Having private prisons is another example of the depths of depravity to which the US - with their obsession with Capitalism red in tooth and claw - has sunk. As you say, you have to sell a concept is that it is revolutionary for America. So often the problem when people get brainwashed, by endless repetition, into seeing things only one way. Thatcher did it in the 80's with her TINA (There is no alternative) - millions of fools believed her.
  5. Oh dear, Cliff Richard, Bucks Fizz, Radio Caroline, Baked beans, Eurovision song contest, all things I thought I had managed to forget. Somehow they find you even in the mountains of Northern Thailand. The Phin is great, but the Can is amazing. Ravi Shankar was wonderful, but Ali Akbar Khan was God. I had a record - in the 60s- of them playing together - totally blew me away. Nightmare looming of beans on toast replacing Dtom Yum Koong.
  6. "Once we are out we need to make the EU burn in hell for this." James Blond. Burning the EU in hell (hard to visualize really) is more practical than war. Dominic Cummings is clearly working directly for Satan, so you have the contact sorted already.
  7. I now ignore the Greta thread where some of your other comments really belong, as it is tragic to keep reading the views of all those old men getting triggered by this wee lassie. The point above is interesting (Although I'm not sure what gluers are). Is Capitalism dying, I'm not a great fan, but I doubt it. You can tell the countries that are not capitalist from space, the lights are out - North Korea, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, etc (Cuba is an exception I grant). I agree it is having to work harder, and markets are less easy to develop. Investing in Solar power etc may simply be a long term business decision, not based on politics, or concern for fellow humans, or the planet. Shareholders care about money only.
  8. It's actually the Scottish parliament that give us our "free prescriptions, free university , free bridge tolls , free personal care..........etc". Why should that change if we leave the UK. Scotland has decided that these are our priorities, in the areas we have control over spending. (Dentistry is free BTW, it is only partially subsidized, and not at all for many procedures. Also tuition fees are free at University, not living expenses). Westminster has decided on different priorities for the same devolved matters. I sympathize with the English, who should have these benefits also, but if they continue to believe in the lies fed to them by the Tory tabloids, then they will keep voting for the toffscum that exploit them.
  9. You got there first, I was intending to write the same thing. Mind if I have a share? I'd prefer it in Bhats to my Thai bank account if that's all ok!
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