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  1. Thought as much myself, which is why he is trying to get as much good facetime with Thai public over his handling of covid pandemic
  2. This is just nonsensical. Seeing as they would have us believe that incubation times in ASQ can be upwards of 10 days, what does it prove that they all test negative? Surely they all need to be tested again in a weeks time to be sure?
  3. Thanks have done that More often than not bottom bar in Chrome states "waiting for optimale.thaivisa.com", and doesn't finish loading until done with that
  4. It would help if you read the original article and not some garbage recycled one. https://www.bmj.com/content/371/bmj.m4037 The reason none of the trial candidates vaccines detect reductions in serious outcomes such as hospitalization or death is because such events are extremely rare
  5. Well that is bonkers!. You were right, if I sign out it is very quick, but every time I sign in it goes back to 25 secs+, even after clearing cookies, as soon as I sign in it slows down again
  6. "No Foreigners Test Positive in Quarantine Facilities" - not very catchy is it?
  7. Tried site out on Safari Mac and still same problems. I can't see how this is anything other than server related
  8. Cloudflare often shows 504 errors, so not sure if it is my dns cache, I’ll flush it and see
  9. Yeah I did try that, tried with ads on and with some ads blocked same result, nearly 30 seconds today but at night it is longer
  10. No, not a chance I'm afraid, 80 m/bit and imac 5K. I am in London though. Has been like this since relaunch
  11. As title says, Internal links taking 60 seconds or more to load, forum is barely usable for me as it stands. Only way to go for ward is to start again from forum home in a new tab. Terrible
  12. The sides will need supporting at the bottom of the pond, is the base just mud?
  13. Isn't this lady half-thai, and has dual nationality, so would have gone to Thailand using her Thai passport. Obviously for press purposes she is French and a dirty foreigner
  14. Have to disagree. It is far more obvious she caught it in quarantine, or at least while in Thailand, than here having an incubation time of 17-18 days plus
  15. Long covid has absolutely nothing to do with incubation times, it is the long lasting effects of a positive infection
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