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  1. Kamalabob2 . Thank you, that video was great
  2. Thanks very much everyone, I can start drawing up what we have so far and pass on to the town planner guy to draw up properly.
  3. Thanks Kamalabob2 I can't believe walls come out at 10cm thick! No insulation, no sound proofing. We want to do a higher spec than that, budget is 2 million for single storey 10.5m x 8m. Definitely wider doors though, lots of folding doors and windows for light, though all windows will be covered to avoid direct sunlight
  4. Cheers Crossy! Walls are not load bearing. That seems like a strange way to build
  5. Hi all, I have been asked to help design Auntie's new retirement home on one of the family plots, single storey, approx 90 sq metres Does anyone know what are standard wall thicknesses for brick ext. walls and interior partition walls? Need it for CAD software Thanks
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