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  1. Hi

    I hold UK passport on retirement visa and annual extensions.

    My late sister had left me some money through a lawyer who is going to remit the sum of a few million bahts to my account in Bangkok.

    I have heard that it is necessary to fill out a form from my bank and notify Bank of Thailand which can only "free" the money from my account after some time.

    Does anyone have this experience? I am not investing in any business or buying a condominium with the money.

    Many thanks.

    John Chan

  2. Hi, I am on a retirement visa staying here and have never worked in Thailand before. Therefore I never had a work permit. My question is between yearly renewal of my retirement visa which is no big deal and a PR permit, which one is preferred? What are the pros and cons? I have a dual citizenship and I learnt from past articles in this forum that if one applies for PR, he has to sacrifice the other not-involved citizenship. Please advise. Thank you

  3. Hi, I would like to know that if a foreigner living in Thailand does not report every 90 days, the penalty is 2000 Baht ONLY or 2000 Baht PER DAY starting from the date of last reporting. If he has skipped reporting once, for instance, will he be definitely penalized or that he may be exempted from it when he reports again? How does the system work in this issue? Many thanks for any advice given.

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